Communication Courses (COMM) - Online Undergraduate

COMM 188 No Norwich Equivalent 6 Cr.

COMM 288 No Norwich Equivalent 6 Cr.

COMM 301 Business & ProfessionalWriting 3 Cr.

This course is a study of the role and application of leadership principles to writing in the workplace. Students learn that the writing done in the workplace is not simply a matter of presenting facts and recommendations with an emphasis on clarity and focus; rather, it is the context of the task that drives the value of the resulting writing. Leaders in the workplace write to change lives and, to do so, must understand and manage the impact of their words. This approach requires an analysis of the situation and an analysis of the data used to create the written communication. Prerequisite: Successful completion of a basic, non-developmental college writing course (such as EN101) or its equivalent.

COMM 302 Data Analysis and Writing 3 Cr.

This course is designed to strengthen the technological, analytical, and written communications skills needed in careers in law enforcement, intelligence, and security. Students identify certain key data resources, and apply the data obtained in various communication contexts. The course emphasizes specific types of documents and communication channels used in the law enforcement community. Pre-requisite: None.

COMM 305 Strategic Communications 3 Cr.

This course introduces students to principles of strategic communication. The course provides a detailed understanding of the important role that participatory web media play in strategic communication. Topics include understanding and defining strategic communication, public diplomacy, who is responsible for conducting strategic communication, challenges of U.S. strategic communication, improving strategic communication, and the future of strategic communication. Practical application of the tenets of strategic communication will be accomplished by reviewing and critiquing high-profile cases from the Iraq war and other significant events. This course will enable students to identify and apply the basic characteristics of effective strategic communication. Prerequisite: None.

COMM 312 Intercultural Communication 3 Cr.

This course prepares the student to communicate effectively in both written and verbal forms within the context of a multi-cultural society. The course covers best practices in investigative reporting, written reports and memos, and interpersonal verbal communication within criminal justice settings, including interactions with victims, suspects, incarcerated persons, government officials, community leaders, staff, and civilians. 3 lecture hours. Pre-requisites: none.

COMM 315 Tech-Mediated Communication 3 Cr.

This course is a study of human communication and the effect of modern technology on it. Students review basic communication theory, including non-verbal and intercultural communication, and then evaluate the impact of technology on the effectiveness and efficiency of communication. Topics include: spoken versus written communication; synchronous versus asynchronous communication; the status of world languages on the internet; the impact of social media; modern workplace communication; and trends in the development of communication technology.

COMM 388 No Norwich Equivalent 6 Cr.

COMM 488 No Norwich Equivalent 6 Cr.

COMM XXX Communications Elective 100 Cr.