Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Resource Management

The Certificate of Charitable-Philanthropic Organization Leadership in Resource Development and Organization Systems Improvement requires successful completion of two, 6 credit graduate seminars.  

AD 542 introduces students to the fundamentals of management and leadership in the three management domains and outcomes of excellence most closely associated with an NPO’s ability to achieve sustainable, superior organizational performance within ever-changing operational environments.  Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Transformational Organizational Environment represent management constructs shared by all nonprofit organizations that determine their overall success or failure.  Students completing the course will use real-world organizational settings to explore and understand the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage a nonprofit organization in the areas of: strategic planning, development, and deployment; program planning, deployment, implementation and evaluation; internal/external communications, marketing, and public relations; economics, resource development, fundraising and grantsmanship; accountability, accounting, and financial management; performance analysis, review, and improvement; knowledge management; information technology and management; financial resources management and accounting; leadership, governance effectiveness and board development; human resources management; legal and risk management.

AD 572 course objectives and learning outcomes emphasize professional and managerial competencies associated with efficient, resource conservative nonprofits, including such important management areas as:  revenue/resource development: fund-raising and grantsmanship; nonprofit accountability and economics; financial management and accounting; economic theory and principles; financial evaluation and portfolio analysis; fund development process; fundraising models; fundraising planning; performance/results measurement, analysis, improvement; information technology and management; risk management; and, knowledge management.

Nonprofit Resource Management Certificate Courses
AD 542Leading the Nonprofit Organization6
AD 572Resource Development, Management & Efficiency by Nonprofit Organizations6
Total Cr.12