Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics

Associate Dean of Continuing Education: Mark Parker
Program Manager: Henry Collier

The mission of the BSDA program is to help students acquire and refine the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to collect and analyze data in a variety of professional settings, and to use the results to contribute to problem-solving within organization.

Upon successful completion of the BSDA program students will be able to:

  1. Evaluate organizational needs and problems and create suitable data analyses to inform solutions.
  2. Apply data analytics techniques and methods to a wide array of data types using industry-standard tools.
  3. Demonstrate data analyses and conclusions in an effective, ethical manner to non-specialist audiences. 

Program outcomes are assessed in the core courses and capstone course, which consists of a portfolio of prior coursework as well as an original, applied data analytics project under the supervision of a qualified faculty member

MA 107Precalculus Mathematics4
MA 108Applied Calculus4
MA 306Discrete Mathematics3
MA 310Linear Algebra3
MA 332Advanced Statistical Methods3
CYBR 230Relational Databases with SQL3
CS 150 (Programming Languages for Data Science)3
DTAN 301Introduction to Data & Business Analytics3
DTAN 310Algorithm Design and Implementation (Alogrithm Design and Implementation)3
DTAN 320Introduction to Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (Introduction to Machine Learning and AI)3
DTAN 330Introduction to Network Science3
DTAN 344Data Visualization (Data Visualization)3
DTAN 410CLIPS: Programming for Expert Systems (CLIPS: programming for Expert Systems)4
DTAN 400Capstone (Capstone)6
Additional Required Courses
COMM 301Business & ProfessionalWriting3
PHLS 210Ethics in the Modern World3
MNGT 330Management Information Systems3
IA 340Introduction to Information Assurance3
courses "not found" are under development and not yet approved by the University Curriculum Committee
Total Cr.60
Faculty Member Institution at which highest degree was earned
Henry Collier (Program Manager) Champlain College