Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Systems

Upon successful completion of the BSCO program students will:

  • be able to evaluate, synthesize, and utilize information from a number of disciplines;
  • effectively and professionally communicate technical information, in both oral and written forms, to both specialist and non-specialist audiences;  
  • apply the underlying knowledge and skills of the computer sciences to real-world challenges and situations;
  • work effectively work both as individuals and as members and leaders of multi-disciplinary teams;
  • analyze complex problems and use computer science tools and techniques to develop a hypothesis and created a potential solution;
  • carry out ethical decision making within the field of computer science.
MA 107Precalculus Mathematics4
MA 121Calculus I4
MA 122Calculus II4
MA 380Theory of Computation3
MA 306Discrete Mathematics3
MATH 232Elementary Statistics3
Electrical/Computer Engineering
EE 215Fundamentals of Digital Design4
EE 321Embedded Systems4
Computer Science
CYBR 110Introduction to Computer Programming3
CS 228Introduction to Data Structures3
CS 301Software Engineering3
CS 270Operating Systems & Parallelism3
CSIS 370Computer Architecture and Reverse Engineering4
*CSXXX (Capstone)6
CYBR 201Fundamentals of Computer Networking3
CYBR 210Computer Programming with a High Level Language3
CYBR 215Computer Programming with a Low Level Language3
CYBR 230Relational Databases with SQL3
* courses in development but not yet approved by the University Curriculum Committee
Total Cr.63
Faculty Member Institution at which highest degree was earned
Henry Collier (Program Manager) Champlain College