Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Systems

MA 107Precalculus Mathematics4
MA 121Calculus I4
MA 122Calculus II4
MA 380Theory of Computation3
MA 306Discrete Mathematics3
MATH 232Elementary Statistics3
Electrical/Computer Engineering
EE 215Fundamentals of Digital Design4
EE 321Embedded Systems4
Computer Science
CYBR 110Introduction to Computer Programming3
CS 301Software Engineering3
CS 270Operating Systems & Parallelism3
*CSXXX (Computer Architecture and Reverse Engineering)4
*CSXXX (Capstone)6
CYBR 201Fundamentals of Computer Networking3
CYBR 210Computer Programming with a High Level Language3
CS 228Introduction to Data Structures3
CYBR 215Computer Programming with a Low Level Language3
CYBR 230Relational Databases with SQL3
* courses under development but not yet approved by University Curriculum Committee
Total Cr.63
Faculty Member Institution at which highest degree was earned
Henry Collier (Program Manager) Champlain College