Withdrawals from the University


A withdrawal ends a student's enrollment and separates the student from the university.  Either the student or the university may initiate the withdrawal process. In instances of a student initiated withdrawal from the university the student may petition to return and complete their program of study at a later date.

Withdrawals Initiated by the Student

When a withdrawal is necessary, the student must direct the following requests in writing to the appropriate institutional officer. 

Requests for withdrawal must be submitted in writing to the program's enrollment or student support advisor.

Students using financial aid in the form of federal loans, who anticipate returning to the university within a reasonable length of time from the withdrawal, should notify their financial aid advisor in writing of their intent.

Norwich University must make commitments to faculty and staff in advance of actual student enrollment, therefore only a partial refund of tuition paid will be made if the student leaves for any reason prior to the end of any trimester or term. The only exception to this policy is for activation or deployment of military personnel to a combat zone or in direct support of or proximity to a combat zone during the period of enrollment (see Military Accommodation).

Scholarships, grants, and federally funded loans will be refunded, in the appropriate ratio, using federal guidelines for financial aid, either to the university or to the agency from which the aid funds were received. In many cases, this will result in an additional amount due from the student to the university.  

Withdrawals Initiated by the University

The university, through the Dean of the College of Graduate and Continuing Studies, may also initiate an administrative withdrawal. Such instances might occur for student failure to participate, violation of the academic honesty policy, violation of the student behavior policy, failure to pay tuition, or in cases where the student is a distraction to other students and instructors.