Prerequisite, Corequisite, and Repeat Courses


Students shall not register for a course having prerequisites without having successfully completed those prerequisites. Students will not be allowed to remain scheduled for the successive course if the prerequisite course was not completed successfully. Exceptions to this policy are at the discretion of the associate dean.


Students shall not register for courses having corequisites without registering for the corequisite course. Corequisites are identified in the Programs of Study course descriptions.

Repeat Courses/Repeat Grade Policy

A student shall not receive credit twice for any course except those courses whose Catalog description permits repetition for credit.

If a previously graded course is repeated and a grade other than “W” is earned, only the last grade earned in the course will be calculated in the grade point average (GPA). All grades previously earned in the course are not used in the GPA calculations even in the event that a lower grade is earned upon repetition of the course. If a failing grade is earned upon repetition of a course, any previous credit earned will be lost. Credit by examination does not constitute a repetition under this provision.