Grade Appeals

Grade Appeals

Grade appeals are reserved for final course grades only and not for individual assignment grades within a course.

  1. All final-grade appeals must begin with a written request from the student to the instructor.
  2. If resolution is not achieved with the instructor, the written grade appeal may be filed with the program manager or director.
  3. Failing resolution at the program manager/director level, the student may appeal in writing to the dean of the College of Graduate and Continuing Studies.
  4. If the issue is still unresolved, the final avenue of appeal for final course grades must be directed in writing to the provost, who has final authority over matters involving final-grade appeals.

Changes in Final Grades

Instructors assign final grades after careful and thorough evaluation of a student’s academic performance in the course. A final grade will be changed only for cause and only at the request of the instructor and with the approval of the associate dean and dean. Requests for change of final grade must be made within 120 days after the final grade was awarded.

If a course is repeated, only the last earned grade will be calculated in the grade point average. The grade previously earned in the course is not used in the grade point average calculations even if a lower grade is earned when the course is repeated. Students may repeat a course one time only. Tuition and fee rates in effect at the time of the repeat enrollment apply to all repeat courses.