Mathematics Major with Education Concentration

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B.S. in Mathematics-Education Concentration - Curriculum Map 2018-2019 Catalog

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It is recommended that students completing this concentration also major in Secondary Teacher Licensure.

New PlanGrids
Fall Cr. Comp. Spring Cr. Comp.
ED 104 Foundations of Education3EN 102 Composition and Literature II3
EN 101 Composition and Literature I3General Education Lab Science4 
General Education Lab Science4 MA 122 Calculus II (General Education Math) c14
MA 121 Calculus I (General Education Math) c14MA 241 Mathematical Computation and Modeling3
PY 211 Introduction to Psychology3PY 220 Developmental Psychology3
Fall Semester Total Cr.: 17Spring Semester Total Cr.: 17
Fall Cr. Comp. Spring Cr. Comp.
ED 234 Learning and Teaching Strategies4ED 315 Special Needs Child3
EN 201 World Literature I (General Education Literature)3EN 202 World Literature II3
MA 223 Calculus III c24MA 224 Differential Equations c14
MA 306 Discrete Mathematics c23MA 310 Linear Algebra c23
PS 211 University Physics I4PS 212 University Physics II4
Fall Semester Total Cr.: 18Spring Semester Total Cr.: 17
Fall Cr. Comp. Spring Cr. Comp.
General Education Arts & Humanities/History3 ED 363 Reading and Writing in the Content Area4
MA 250 Communication in Mathematics1General Education History/Arts & Humanities3 
MA 303 Advanced Calculus I 2, c2
or 309 Algebraic Structures
3Mathematics Elective3 
MA 311 Statistical Methodology c23MA 304 Advanced Calculus II 3
or 312 Statistical Methodology II
Mathematics Elective3 PY 352 Learning and Memory4
PY 324 Adolescent Psychology3SO 214 Racial and Cultural Minorities3
MA 361 Teaching Mathematics at the Secondary Level (OR Mathematics Elective)3   
Fall Semester Total Cr.: 19Spring Semester Total Cr.: 20
Fall Cr. Comp. Spring Cr. Comp.
ED 368 Curriculum & Methods in Secondary Subjects4ED 425 Student Teaching12
General Education Ethics3    
General Education Leadership1-3    
MA 309 Algebraic Structures 2, c2
or 303 Advanced Calculus I
MA 411 Senior Seminars (General Education Capstone) c23   
MA 361 Teaching Mathematics at the Secondary Level (OR Mathematics Elective)3   
Fall Semester Total Cr.: 17-19Spring Semester Total Cr.: 12