Environmental Science Major (option 2)

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B. S. in Environmental Science – Curriculum Map 2018-2019 Catalog

Option II

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Concentrations for Option 2 are: Environmental Policy and Management, Environmental Law and Protection, Environmental Writing, Green Design, or Education

New PlanGrids
Fall Cr. Comp. Spring Cr. Comp.
BI 101 Principles of Biology I4BI 102 Principles of Biology II4
EN 101 Composition and Literature I3EN 102 Composition and Literature II3
GL 110 Introduction to Geology (General Education Lab Science)4GL 111 Oceanography (General Education Lab Science)4
MA 107 Precalculus Mathematics (General Education Math)4MA 108 Applied Calculus (General Education Math)4
Fall Semester Total Cr.: 15Spring Semester Total Cr.: 15
Fall Cr. Comp. Spring Cr. Comp.
Concentration Elective3-4 Concentration Elective3-4 
ES 270 Fundamentals of Environmental Science
or EC 201 Principles of Economics (Macro)
or EC 202 Principles of Economics (Micro)
4-3MA 232 Elementary Statistics3
ES 251 Sophomore Seminar in Environmental Science1PY 211 Introduction to Psychology (General Education Social Science)3
PH 323 Environmental Ethics (General Education Ethics and General Education Arts & Humanities)
or EN 276 Environmental Writing
3General Education Literature or ES 1303 
PO Elective 13 PO Elective 2 13 
Fall Semester Total Cr.: 14Spring Semester Total Cr.: 15-16
Fall Cr. Comp. Spring Cr. Comp.
CH Chemistry Elective4 Concentration Elective3 
Concentration Elective3-4 ES 130 Introduction to Environmental Law (or General Education Literature)3
EC 201 Principles of Economics (Macro)
or 202 Principles of Economics (Micro)
or ES 270 Fundamentals of Environmental Science
3-4ES 340 Project Development in Environmental Science1
EN 276 Environmental Writing
or PH 323 Environmental Ethics
3GL 253 Geomorphology (or Free Elective) 24
SO 201 Introduction to Sociology (General Education Social Science)3General Education History3 
   Free Elective 23-4 
Fall Semester Total Cr.: 16-18Spring Semester Total Cr.: 17-18
Fall Cr. Comp. Spring Cr. Comp.
BI 205 Ecology4ES 451 Environmental Science Seminar3
Concentration Elective3-4 ES 460 Project Completion in Environmental Science1
ES 440 Research Project in Environmental Science (Capstone)3Concentration Elective3-4 
General Education Arts & Humanities OR PH 3233 Free Elective 23-4 
General Education Leadership1-3 Free Elective (or GL 253) 23-4 
   Free Elective 23-4 
Fall Semester Total Cr.: 14-17Spring Semester Total Cr.: 16-20
Available Concentrations – Option II

 Environmental Policy and Management Concentration 2018-2019 Catalog

MG 101Introduction to Business3
CS 120Business Applications & Problem Solving Techniques3
SO 202Problems of Modern Society3
PO 321U.S. Constitutional Law3
MG 309Management of Organizations3
MG 341Business Law I3
Total Cr.18

 Environmental Law and Protection Concentration 2018-2019 Catalog

CJ 101Introduction to Criminal Justice3
CJ 102Substantive Criminal Law3
CJ 402Law and Society3
Two of the following three:6
U.S. Constitutional Law3
The Legislative Process3
State and Local Politics3
SO 202Problems of Modern Society3
Total Cr.18

 Environmental Writing Concentration 2018-2019 Catalog

EN 274Introduction to Creative Writing3
EN 364Intermediate Creative Writing3
Four of the following:12
Advanced Composition3
Survey of American Literature I3
Survey of American Literature II3
Literature of the Sea3
Literary Methods3
American Ethnic Literature & Cultural Literature3
Literature of the Developing World3
Introduction to Mass Media3
Total Cr.18

Green Design Concentration 2018-2019 Catalog

AP 111Fundamentals of Architecture4
AP 118Fundamentals of Architecture II4
AP 221Site Development and Design3
AP 225Introduction to Passive Environmental Systems3
AP 325Materials, Construction, and Design3
One of the following three:3
History/Theory of Architecture I3
History/Theory of Architecture II3
History/Theory of Artchitectural III3
Total Cr.20

Environmental Education Concentration 2018-2019 Catalog1

ED 104Foundations of Education3
Five of the following:16-19
Learning and Teaching Strategies4
Special Needs Child3
Methods of Teaching Science to Elementary Students3
Reading and Writing in the Content Area4
Developmental Psychology3
Adolescent Psychology3
Learning and Memory4
Total Cr.19-22