Finance Courses (FNCE) - Online Undergraduate

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FNCE 350 Fundamentals of Finance I 3 Cr.

This course introduces students to various techniques of investing and the theories, methods and procedures used to understand current complex investment/finance environments. Students explore the major financial markets, the concept of risk in financial markets, government agency regulations (including those from the Federal Reserve Bank and Securities Exchange Commission), and portfolio management theories. Basic usage of Microsoft Word and Excel is required for this course.

FNCE 351 Fundamentals in Finance II 3 Cr.

This course explores corporate finance; how capital can be raised and allocated within corporations to the advantage of corporate shareholders. Topics covered include: procedures for analyzing companies' financial data to determine how efficiently they have been run; methods for projecting funding needs based on principles of good working capital management; rules for choosing the maximal, safe, or optimal level of debt in the structure of capital used for funding company operations; and figuring the costs of the various types of funds that a company uses and its weighted average cost of capital. Prerequisite: FNCE350.