Economics Courses (ECON) - Online Undergraduate

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ECON 1XX Economics Elective 6 Cr.

ECON 310 Socio-Economic Studies 3 Cr.

Students explore tenets and characteristics of various economics systems, analyze economic indicators, conceptualize problems and recommend possible solutions. Pre- requisites: None.

ECON 350 Seminar in Economics 3-6 Cr.

Seminar in Economics (3-6): An intensive introduction and overview of the principles of macro and micro economics. The course begins with a high level analysis of the U.S. economy and then moves to a more in-depth look at topics such as production and output, pricing, economic growth, and the challenges of international trade, including issues related to international banking and non-U.S. stock markets.

ECON 351 Seminar in Finance 6 Cr.

In this course students are introduced to the theory and practices of the effective management of money in organizations. Topics covered include: sources and allocation of capital, including budgeting; cash flow analysis; financial markets and organizations; and risk analysis. Note: This course is under development and will be reviewed by the University Curriculum Committee.

ECON 401 Economic Studies 6 Cr.

In this regional economics course, students complete a research project to analyze the economy of a country or region of interest. Students survey and evaluate the economic institutions and infrastructure of the region. Local, regional and global challenges and opportunities that exist in the region will be explored. The study will include recommendations for improving the well-being of people by strengthening the region’s economic institutions and infrastructure. The course will culminate with a substantive research paper. Pre-requisites: Completion of ECON 310 or permission of Chair of Department of Continuing Studies.

ECON XXX Economics Elective 100 Cr.