Graduate Certificate in Urban Municipal Governance

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The first course in this certificate introduces students to the work of local government managers in the United States. The core of the course is the study of best practices for municipal leadership, including the challenges of providing direction to a wide scope of departments and agencies necessary to serve the needs of communities. Students will also study how to create and maintain intergovernmental relationships and form partnerships with elected officials, staff employees such as directors, managers, and department heads, private sector businesses, bargaining units, citizens and representatives of the media.

The second course in this certificate introduces students to the public administrator in their role as an elected public service leader committed to identifying, examining, and working collaboratively toward effectively improving municipal services and the quality of life for constituents living in Urban America.  Particular focus will be placed on multidisciplinary collaborations and action plan development, through discussions and reflections of key issues including the unique needs affecting public safety, emergency management, medical services, animal control, and public and mental health concerns.  In addition, discussions will further examine the public administrator’s responsibilities surrounding civic engagement, waste-water, storm water, street maintenance, solid waste collection and disposal, forestry, parks and recreation.

Urban Municipal Governance Certificate Courses
AD 543Municipal Governance6
AD 563Urban Municipal Governance6
Total Cr.12