Graduate Certificate in Public Administration and Leadership

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This certificate introduces students to the fundamentals of management and leadership in public administration. The course explores major models of leadership from a theoretical, ethical, and practical perspective. Students in this course will gain an understanding of major leadership theories by examining the basis of each theory, evaluating their strengths and weaknesses, and learning how to apply the theory to practical situations in public administration and nonprofit settings. These activities enable students to reflect on how they perceive leadership from both a subordinate and leadership perspective. By the end of this seminar, students will have developed a thorough understanding of leadership concepts, and will be able to apply them in their own leadership situations.

This certificate also explores the role of leadership in public organizations by examining how leadership is intrinsically tied to the organization. Students will gain an understanding of how effective leaders articulate their leadership philosophy, how they embody the ideals and values of the organization, and how they motivate and reward their subordinates.  The course also examines the role of leadership in crisis situations including how decisions are made and implemented, how information is communicated in critical situations, how political leaders are held accountable for crisis situations, and how communities can be returned to a state of normalcy after a critical incident has occurred.

Public Administration and Leadership Certificate Courses
AD 576Foundations of Leadership and Ethical Decision Making6
AD 586Public Leadership, Crisis Management, and Organizational Change6
Total Cr.12