Nursing Major

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B.S. in Nursing - Curriculum Map 2017-2018 Catalog

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BI 215 Human Anatomy & Physiology I (General Education Lab Science)C+4BI 216 Human Anatomy & Physiology IIC+4
EN 101 Composition and Literature I3CH 101 Introduction to General ChemistryC+4
NR 104 Focus on NursingC+3EN 102 Composition and Literature II3
PY 211 Introduction to Psychology (General Education Social Science)3MA 232 Elementary Statistics (General Education Math)C+3
General Education History3NR 105 Nutrition and Health PromotionC+3
Semester Total Credits16Semester Total Credits17
CH 102 Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry (General Eucation Lab Science)C+4BI 220 Introductory MicrobiologyC+4
MA 235 Clinical Mathematical Methods (General Education Math)C+3NR 215 Client, Psy/Mental Health ProbC+3
NR 206 Health Assessment Across the LifespanC+3NR 215L Client, Psy/Mental Health ProbC+ *2
NR 232 Technology and Informatics in HealthcareC+3NR 225 Research For Evidence-Based PracticeC+3
PY 220 Developmental Psychology3NR 219 Simulations for Clinical PracticeC+ *2
SO 216 Soc of Health, Wellness & Med3 
Semester Total Credits19Semester Total Credits14
NR 316 Care of the Adult 1C+3NR 321 Nursing LeadershipC+3
NR 316L Care of the Adult 1 PracticumC+ *3NR 331 Care of Women and Childbearing FamilyC+3
NR 365 Pathopharmacology for NursesC+4NR 331L Care of Women-Childbearing Family PracC+ *2
PH 350 Medical Ethics (General Education Ethics)3NR 341 Care of Children&Child RearingC+3
SO 316 Aging in Society3NR 341L Care of Children&Child RearingC+ *2
 General Education Literature3
Semester Total Credits16Semester Total Credits16
MG 360 Health Economics & Policy3NR 421 Coordinator of CareC+3
NR 416 Care of the Adult IIC+4NR 421L Coordinator of Care PracticumC+ *4
NR 416L Care of Adult IIC+ *4NR 431 Promoting Health in CommunitiesC+3
NR 420 Care at End of LifeC+2NR 431L Promoting Health in Communities: Clinical PracticumC+ *2
General Education Arts & Humanities3NR 441 Nursing CapstoneC+4
Semester Total Credits16Semester Total Credits16
Total Credits For This Major: 130

 Course requires a grade of C+ or higher.


These courses link theory and clinical and requires a grade of C+ or higher to progress in the program. Also a grade of C+ or higher in clinical to progress in the program.

 Nursing, science, and math courses must be taken in order presented in the curriculum map. Deviation requires department permission. A letter grade of C+ or better is required in all nursing practical courses.