Electrical & Computer Engineering

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B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering - Curriculum Map 2017-2018 Catalog

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CH 103 General Chemistry I (General Education Lab Science)4EG 110 Introduction to Engineering II3
EG 109 Introduction to Engineering I3EE 200 Engineering Programming3
EN 101 Composition and Literature I3EN 102 Composition and Literature II3
MA 121 Calculus I (General Education Math)4MA 122 Calculus II (General Education Math)4
 General Education History/Literature/Arts & Humanities/Social Science3
Semester Total Credits14Semester Total Credits16
EE 215 Fundamentals of Digital Design4EE 356 Electrical Circuits II3
EE 204 Electrical Circuits I3EE 357 Electronics I3
MA 223 Calculus III4EE 359 Electrical Engineering Laboratory1
PS 211 University Physics I (General Education Lab Science)4MA 224 Differential Equations4
General Education History/Literature/Arts & Humanities/Social Science3PS 212 University Physics II4
Semester Total Credits18Semester Total Credits15
EE 321 Embedded Systems4EE 303 Electromagnetic Field Theory I3
EE 350 Linear Systems3EE 323 Computer Architecture or 4783
EE 366 Electronics II4EE 373 Electrical Energy Conversion4
MA 306 Discrete Mathematics3EG 206 Thermodynamics I3
General Education History/Literature/Arts & Humanities/Social Science3EN 204 Professional and Technical Writing3
Semester Total Credits17Semester Total Credits16
EE 491 Electrical System Design I (Capstone)3EE 411 Infrastructure Control Systems14
EE 459 Electric Power Systems13EE 478 Control Systems or 3233
EE 463 Communication Systems4EE 486 Digital Signal Processing13
EG 450 Professional Issues (General Education Ethics)3EE 487 Digital Signal Processing Lab1
MA 311 Statistical Methodology3EE 494 Electrical System Design II3
 General Education History/Literature/Arts & Humanities/Social Science3
Semester Total Credits16Semester Total Credits17
Total Credits For This Major: 129

Students must complete at LEAST two of the following three courses: EE 411, EE 486, EE 459. Students may choose to complete all three courses, or they may choose two of the three and select one technical elective from the following approved courses: EE 399, EE 468, EE 490, EG 301, EG 303EG 350, EG 400, EG 447, ME 307, CS 301, MA 303, MA 310, MA 312, MA 380, MA 405,MA 407, PS 334, PS 356,PS 341, PS 426.

Students who complete all degree requirements, but do not have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA must complete at least 50 percent of all subsequent course work in technical material (subject to approval by the Director of the David Crawford School of Engineering).