Chemistry Major

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B.S. in Chemistry - Curriculum Map 2017-20187 Catalog

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CH 103 General Chemistry I (General Education Lab Science)4CH 104 General Chemistry II (General Education Lab Science)4
EN 101 Composition and Literature I3EN 102 Composition and Literature II3
MA 121 Calculus I (General Education Math)4MA 122 Calculus II (General Education Math)4
General Education Arts & Humanities3Free Elective OR MA 241 Mathematical Computation & Modeling13
Semester Total Credits14Semester Total Credits14
CH 225 Organic Chemistry I44CH 226 Organic Chemistry II44
CH 214 Communication in Chemistry (or in 3rd year)41-0EN 202 World Literature II3
BI 101 Principles of Biology I4MA 224 Differential Equations4
EN 201 World Literature I (General Education Literature)23PS 212 University Physics II4
PS 211 University Physics I4 
Semester Total Credits16-15Semester Total Credits15
CH 204 Quantitative Analysis (or CH 324 Biochemistry I)4CH 314 Instrumental Methods ( or Free Elective)3
CH 214 Communication in Chemistry (or in 2nd year)0-1CH 315 Analysis Laboratory (taken with CH 314)1-0
CH 327 Physical Chemistry I (or Math/Science elective)3CH 328 Physical Chemistry II (or Free Elective)3
CH 337 Physical Chemistry Laboratory I (taken with CH 327)1-0CH 338 Physical Chemistry Laboratory II (taken with CH 328)1-0
General Education Social Science3MA 241 Mathematical Computation and Modeling ( or Free elective)13
General Education History3Math/ Science elective (or CH 438 Advanced Inorganic)3
Free Elective3General Education Ethics3
Semester Total Credits17Semester Total Credits17-15
CH 413 Chemistry Seminar (Capstone)1CH 422 Chemical Synthesis and Examination II (Capstone)3
CH 421 Chemical Synthesis and Examination I3CH 438 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (or Math/Science Elective)3
CH 324 Biochemistry I (or CH 204 Quantitative Analysis)4Free Elective (or CH 314/CH315 Instrumental Analysis)3-4
Math/Science elective (or CH 327/CH 337 Physical Chemistry I)3-4Free Elective (or CH 328/CH 338 Physical Chemistry II) 3-4
Free Elective3Free Elective3
Semester Total Credits14-15Semester Total Credits15-17
Total Credits For This Major: 122

MA 241 may be substituted for  EG 110


EN 112 or EN 204 may be substituted for one semester of EN 201 - EN 202