Biochemistry Major

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B.S. in Biochemistry Curriculum Map 2017-2018 Catalog

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CH 103 General Chemistry I (General Education Lab Science)4CH 104 General Chemistry II (General Education Lab Science)4
BI 101 Principles of Biology I4BI 102 Principles of Biology II4
EN 101 Composition and Literature I3EN 102 Composition and Literature II3
MA 107 Precalculus Mathematics14-3MA 121 Calculus I (General Education Math)4
Semester Total Credits15-14Semester Total Credits15
CH 214 Communication in Chemistry (or in 3rd year)1-0CH 226 Organic Chemistry II4
CH 225 Organic Chemistry I4EN 202 World Literature II3
BI 303 Genetics4MA 122 Calculus II (General Education Math)4
EN 201 World Literature I (General Education Literature)33PS 202 General Physics II24
PS 201 General Physics I24 
Semester Total Credits16-15Semester Total Credits15
CH 204 Quantitative Analysis (or Free Elective)4CH 314 Instrumental Methods (or Free Elective)3
CH 214 Communication in Chemistry (or in 2nd year)0-1CH 315 Analysis Laboratory (taken with CH 314)1-0
CH 327 Physical Chemistry I (or Free Elective)3CH 328 Physical Chemistry II (or Free Elective)3
CH 324 Biochemistry I4BI 226 Cell Biology ( or CH 325 Biochemistry II)4
General Education History3General Education Social Science3
Free Elective (or BI 304 Physiology)3 
Semester Total Credits17-18Semester Total Credits14-13
CH 413 Chemistry Seminar (Capstone)1CH 422 Chemical Synthesis and Examination II (Capstone)3
BI 304 Physiology (or Free Elective)4-3CH 325 Biochemistry II (or BI 226)4
General Education Arts & Humanities3Free Elective (or CH 314 / CH 315 Instrumental Analysis)3-4
General Education Ethics3Free Elective (or CH 328 Physical Chemistry II)3
Free Elective (or CH 204 Quantitative Analysis)3-4 
Free Elective (or CH 327 Physical Chemistry I)3 
Semester Total Credits17Semester Total Credits13-14
Total Credits For This Major: 122-121

MA 107 can be substituted with a Free Elective credit if Math Placement Test places a student into MA 121


 PS 211 - PS 212 may be substituted for PS 201 - PS 202


EN 112 or EN 204 may be substituted for one semester of EN 201 - EN 202