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Grades and Grade Points

Official grade reports are issued by the University Registrar within 15 days of the end of each seminar. Students may also retrieve unofficial electronic copies of final seminar grades through the University’s Self-Service web pages.

Grades of F are failing, and will prompt a student’s immediate academic dismissal from the University. Students will not receive credit for these grades and will be required to petition for re-enrollment to repeat any seminar in which a failing grade is received.

Students enrolled in fundamental seminars are required to earn a B or better in each fundamental seminar in order to advance to the first seminar of the master's program in which they are enrolled.

Grades and grade points shall be awarded as follows:

Grade Percentage Grade Points
A 93-100% 4.0
A- 90-92.9% 3.7
B+ 87-89.9% 3.3
B 80-86.9% 3.0
C+ 77-79.9% 2.3
C 70-76.9% 2.0
F 0-69.9% 0.0
I Incomplete grade 0.0
W Withdrawal from program 0.0
S/U Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory 0.0
SP Satisfactory Progress 0.0
P/F Pass/Fail on non-graded component 0.0
AU Audit 0.0

Grade Point Average

The grade point average (GPA) is computed by dividing grade points earned by credit hours attempted after applying the repeat seminar policy and including failing grades. Only grade points earned and semester credit hours attempted in seminars completed at Norwich will be included in computing the student’s grade point average. (See the repeat seminar policy for the effect on the grade point average of seminar repetition.)

Grades for seminars taken after conferral of a degree will not be used to recalculate the grade. Grade point averages for these seminars will be calculated separately.

Incomplete Grades

  1. The grade of Incomplete is exceptional and given only to students whose completed coursework has been qualitatively satisfactory, but who have been unable to complete all course requirements due to extenuating and unusual circumstances.
  2. The grade of Incomplete may be considered only for those students who have completed at least 60% of their course and who have no more than one existing grade of Incomplete.
  3. The grade of Incomplete will be approved by the instructor on a case-by-case basis only.
  4. The decision whether to award an Incomplete is at the sole discretion of the instructor, even if a student meets the eligibility criteria.
  5. The request for a grade of Incomplete must be accompanied by a proposed study plan and submitted to the instructor. If approved, the grade of Incomplete may be assigned for a period up to, but not exceeding, 90 days from the end of the course.
  6. It is the responsibility of the student to adhere to the due dates as outlined in the approved study plan and submit all outstanding course work by the assigned deadline(s). If the student fails to submit the remaining course work by the due dates or chooses to withdraw from the university without resolving the incomplete work, the course grade of Incomplete will be converted into a final course grade with all unsubmitted assignments counted as zeroes. Students who withdraw will be handled according to the refund and withdrawal policy.
  7. If the course or seminar in which the Incomplete is assigned is a prerequisite to one or more subsequent courses or seminars, the student may not be permitted to proceed to any subsequent course or seminar until the incomplete work has been finished.
  8. In no case shall a student be permitted to register for courses if two grades of Incomplete exist on the student's academic record.

Incomplete Grades Due to Military Activation and Deployment to or in Support of a Combat Zone

  1. Students serving in the military who, after the start of enrollment, are notified that they are being activated or deployed to a combat zone or in direct support of or proximity to a combat zone and choose to withdraw from the university may request to have a grade assigned at the time of withdrawal if they have successfully completed at least 60% of the course and if their cumulative grade represents sufficient knowledge of the course.
  2. In lieu of requesting a grade, students who have completed 60% of a course may submit to the instructor a study plan outlining how the remaining academic work will be completed. Upon approval of the study plan by the instructor, a grade of Incomplete will be assigned for the course.
  3. Incomplete grades assigned as a result of approved study plans for activated or deployed students must also be approved by the program director or program manager if the remaining work cannot be completed within the 90-day maximum limitation for incomplete work. In all cases, grades of Incomplete must be resolved within one year of the issuance of the original Incomplete grade.

A course carrying the grade of incomplete will be excluded from the computation of total semester credit hours and grade point averages.

Repeat Seminar/Course Grading

If a seminar is repeated, only the last earned grade will be calculated in the grade point average. The grade previously earned in the seminar will be removed from the grade point average calculations even if a lower grade is earned when the seminar is repeated. Students may repeat a seminar one time only. Tuition and fee rates in effect at the time of the repeat enrollment apply to all repeat seminars.

Grading Practices Notification for Students

At the beginning of a seminar, on the syllabus within the online classroom, a student must be made aware of the method of grading in the seminar and of the weight that is attached to all seminar requirements.

Grade Reporting By the Faculty

Faculty will record assignment and final grades in the online classroom grade book. Students may view assignment, in-progress, and final grades for current seminars inside the online classroom.

Students may view their final grades for all completed seminars by accessing the University’s Self-Service web pages via the online classroom.

The College of Graduate and Continuing Studies maintains assignment grade records for a minimum of one year.