Registration Changes (Add, Drop, Withdraw, Leave of Absence)

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Course Drop/Add and Withdrawal
  • A student may drop or add a course within one week after classes start. The permanent academic record (transcript) will not reflect courses Dropped during the first six class days of Fall or Spring Semesters.
  • Students are responsible for dropping/adding courses prior to the deadline, via BannerWeb.
  • From the end of the Drop/Add period through the last day to Withdraw, a grade of W will be entered on the Permanent Academic Record for any course withdrawal by a student, or the administration. The student is responsible for submitting a complete Drop/Add or Withdrawal form , to the Registrar’s Office prior to the deadline. Students must meet with the faculty member prior to withdrawal to obtain his/her signature on the Withdrawal form .
  • Students who Totally Withdraw from the University (Withdrawing from all courses in the term) for any reason after the Drop/Add period and prior to the Withdraw deadline will receive a grade of W for each class on the permanent record.
  • After the Withdrawal deadline, faculty assign the grade earned.

Course Schedule Administrative Adjustment

Within the first 20 school days of a semester, a College Dean may approve course adjustments for students who have been enrolled in an inappropriate level of a course, such as MA 005 rather than MA 101 or vice versa. This adjustment is made at the individual Colleges.


Waitlisting is a service provided to students in BannerWeb.  When a class section has met the capacity allowed, students may place their name on a Waitlist (WL) for the section.

  • Colleges will determine and create Waitlists for courses within their respective schools/departments.
  • All WL will have a minimum capacity of 10.
  • Students place their names on a WL via BannerWeb.  If an opening occurs in a section, the student receives an email notification that s/he has 24 hours to register for the open seat.  If the student does not register within 24 hours, s/he is dropped from the WL, and the next student on the WL receives an email to register, and so forth.
  • Waitlists will close on the first day of Fall & Spring semesters.  Students will not be able to place their names on a WL after this day; however, students who are on a WL will remain, so that if an opening occurs they can register for the section.
  • The Colleges may override a WL to allow another student, with a higher priority, to enroll in a section that has a WL.
University Leave

Norwich has three types of “Leave of Absence” (LOA). There is a general LOA, a military LOA and an emergency LOA. A LOA may not be considered an approved LOA for Title IV Federal Student Aid Program purposes. Students should consult with the Director of Student Financial Planning to determine the effect of any LOA on financial aid.

  • General Leave of Absence is to allow a student to voluntarily withdraw from the University and to return to the University at a semester of the students’ choice following the academic policies in place at the time of the leave.
    • A student taking a general LOA must:
      • Be in good academic standing
      • Request no more than three years
      • Complete the LOA form
      • Students who submit a LOA form will be classified as inactive.
  • Military Leave of Absence is to allow active reservists and guardsmen who are called up for active duty, a LOA.  In the event of military activation, on-campus undergraduate and Master of Architecture students are eligible for a Military Leave
    • A student taking a military LOA must complete the LOA form.
    • The leave is for a maximum of three years
    • The student will be classified as an inactive student
    • The student will be returned to the same academic status that they held at the time of their leave.

Also see the See the Military Accommodation policy

  • Emergency Leave of Absence allows a student, due to exceptional circumstance, as approved by the College Dean, to voluntarily withdraw from the University during a current semester and to return to the University within two years.
    • A student who experiences an exceptional circumstance can apply for an emergency leave of absence, which will allow the student to withdraw from all classes, if prior to the twelfth week of classes. If it is after the twelfth week, students may seek their instructors’ approval to make arrangements to complete classes or receive Incompletes.
    • A student taking an emergency LOA must notify the Center for Student Success.
    • Grading policies concerning Incomplete grade deadlines still apply.

Regardless of the type of Leave of Absence Policy, all students are required to secure and submit a Total Withdrawal form to the Center for Student Success.  To subsequently be re-admitted, students are required to submit a Readmission form .