Master of Science in Executive Leadership

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Program Director: Stacie L. L. Morgan

The Master of Science in Executive Leadership is a 36-credit master’s degree program designed for senior level leaders.  The Master of Science in Executive Leadership builds on the education and experience of senior level leaders by providing graduate-level coursework beyond a Master of Business Administration, Master of Public Administration, Master of Arts in Diplomacy, and Master of Science in Leadership that focuses on self-mastery in high exposure and fast-paced work environments, leading complex change, leading beyond one’s organization, leading with technology and data, accessing the most strategic resources and publicizing results. This program is conducted in a real-time, hands-on manner within students own organization.

Curriculum Map

Semester 1Cr.Semester 2Cr.Semester 3Cr.
EL 610 The Science of Self-Leadership Mastery on the Move6EL 630 Beyond Your Organization6EL 650 Researching Resources and Publishing Results6
EL 620 Leading Complex Change6EL 640 Leading with Technology and Data6EL 660 Capstone6
  EL 595 Residency1 
Semester Total Credits12Semester Total Credits12Semester Total Credits12
Total Credits For This Major: 36

Students are required to attend a one-week, on campus Residency Conference the June following or concurrent with their final course.

Curriculum Requirements

The Master of Science in Executive Leadership program is made up of six, eleven-week seminars of six credits each for a total of 36 credit hours. The seminars must be taken in the order presented and are strategically sequenced to build context.

One-Week Residency

All degree candidates of the Master of Science in Executive Leadership are required to attend a one-week Residency Conference  on the Norwich University campus, during which they may attend professional presentations, participate in roundtable discussions with faculty, and present papers. The one-week residency is a degree requirement.

Faculty Member Institution at which highest degree was earned
Stacie L. L. Morgan, PhD (Program Director)Union Institute and University
Rex Marks, MS (Associate Program Director of Academics)Norwich University
Darryl Aubrey, PhDUniversity of Phoenix
Brandy Blount, PhDWalden University
Matthew Boyne, MSPepperdine University
James Catone, EdDUniversity of Massachusetts
Lowell Doringo, MSNorwich University
Christopher Eberle, DMUniversity of Phoenix
William Edson, MSNorwich University
Shalaina Harlan-Yuya, EdDGrand Canyon University
Suzanne Hart, MSUniversity of Washington
Paul Katsampes, DPAUniversity of Colorado at Denver
Jill Long, MSTroy State University
Tom Luckett, PhDWalden University
Warren Martin, PhDNorthcentral University
Katherine McQuade, PhDCapella University
Michael Miller, PhDArgosy University
Maureen Nixon, PhDNorth Carolina State University
Thomas Norbutus, PhDRegent University
Sydney Parlour, MSWilfred Laurier University
Audrey Rabas, PhDChicago School of Professional Psychology
William Shirey, PhDRegent University
Janice Spangenburg, PhDRegent University
Vanita Varma, MSNorwich University