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Classes will meet as scheduled by the Registrar’s Office.


A member of the faculty is in charge of any classroom and shall have jurisdiction over the classroom and take measures to maintain discipline in conformity with the policies of the University.

Cancellation of Class Meeting

If the faculty member is not present ten minutes after the scheduled beginning of a class, the class is canceled. The class will select one class member to report the cancellation to the chair of the academic department of the course being taught, or College Dean of the course being taught, or the Registrar’s Office.

Class Attendance

Faculty are responsible for clearly stating the course attendance policy on the syllabus. Unless stated otherwise, the maximum number of permitted absences is the number of times the course meets per week. Faculty members may assign a grade of “F” to students whose total absences, excused, or un-excused, equals or exceeds 15% of the class meetings, if this policy is stated on the sylla­bus. Faculty may allow students with passing grades to exceed the 15% limit.

When a student has reached the maximum number of permitted absences, the faculty member will warn the student of impending dismissal from class with a grade of “F.” This warning letter will include the course number and section and dates(s) of absence(s). The letter will state that any future unexcused absences may result in recommendation to the Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs (SVPAA), through the course College Dean. that the student be dismissed from the class with a grade of F.  A copy of the warning letter will go to the student’s academic adviser, the Commandant, the SVPAA and to the Registrar for inclusion in the student's academic record.  Receipt of two grades of F for excessive absence during any one semester is cause for immediate separation from the University.

  1. Students are expected to be on time for all scheduled classes and laboratory sections and are responsible for handing in all required work on time.
  2. Faculty will begin taking attendance on the first class meeting of each semester.
  3. Students not attending the first class meeting of a course for which they are registered may be dropped from the class roster upon report of such absence to the Registrar’s Office. Ex­ceptions may be granted to students who are unavoidably absent as defined by the excused absence policy. In this instance, excused absences must be approved by the SVPAA prior to the first day of class.
  4. Faculty will, in conjunction with students, schedule a make-up exam or a make-up lab, or other appropriate work in lieu thereof, for students with excused absences.
  5. The following will be considered excused absences according to the guidelines issues by the Office of the Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, who is the authority on academic policy.
  • Documented debilitating illness,
  • Emergency leave, as approved by the Commandant or Dean of Students,
  • Single-day course field trips, military obligations for students contracted for com­missions in the US military and other military obligations beyond the student’s con­trol, varsity athletic contests, and regimental band appearances. For these types of excused absences, an official of the University must submit a request, at least 72 hours in advance to the Commandant's Office for detached service. The student is required to notify his or her instructors at least 48 hours in advance. Faculty may deny an excused absence for students currently achieving a D+ or lower in their course, if the faculty member believes that additional absences are a serious detriment to the student. Faculty members must promptly notify the coach or appropriate official of their denial.
  • Other absences as approved by the faculty member.

   6.  Absences not excused, will be considered unexcused.