Catalog Supplement

This is an archived copy of the 2015-16 Catalog. To access the most recent version of the catalog, please visit

 The 2015-2016 catalog of the College of Graduate and Continuing Studies is updated quarterly through this Catalog Supplement in September, December, and March. Updates include new degree offerings, new courses, changes to existing degrees and courses, and corrections.

Item Description Effective Date/Term
CYBR 201 Fundamental Computer NetworkingNew courseSeptember 2015
CYBR 210 Computer Programming INew courseSeptember 2015
CYBR 215 Computer Programming IINew courseSeptember 2015
CYBR 220 Windows Server AdministrationNew courseSeptember 2015
CYBR 225 Linux AdministrationNew courseSeptember 2015
CYBR 230 Relational Databases w/SQLNew courseSeptember 2015
CYBR 370 Intro to WarfareNew courseSeptember 2015
CYBR 382 Defensive Information WarfareNew courseSeptember 2015
SP - Satisfactory Progress New grade optionSeptember 2015
BSCJ Minor in Intelligence and SecurityNew minorJanuary 2016
Master of Arts in International RelationsNew degreeMarch 2016
Master of Science in Criminal JusticeNew degreeMarch 2016