Academic Standing

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Minimum Grade Standards

Minimum grade standards are established for all curricula. Students must maintain an appropriate grade point average to remain in good standing.

Academic Standing Criteria for Academic Progress

  1. Good Standing: A student in good standing is allowed to register without qualification. To maintain good standing, a degree candidate must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0. Courses numbered below 100 will only meet pre-requisite requirements, but they will be includ­ed in the GPA and academic standing calculations.
  2. Academic Probation: Students who fail to earn the cumulative grade point average for good standing at the end of the semester are enrolled for the following semester on academic probation. Being placed on probation warns the student that academic progress is in jeopardy and places restrictions and conditions on his/her enrollment. The conditions are as follows:
    1. The student may not enroll for more than 12 semester credits.
    2. Whenever possible, courses in which the student received a C- or below should be repeated to increase the GPA.
    3. Students must raise their GPA to the minimum required within 12 semester credits or they will be dismissed from the program. Subsequent to dismissal, students will be allowed to reapply for admission after one semester of separation.
  3. Academic Deficiency: A student who fails to achieve the cumulative grade point average for good standing within 12 semester credit-hours of being placed on probation will be dismissed. Students who attain good standing after being on probation will restart the procedure above if they return to probationary status.

Academic Honors

All degree candidates whose final cumulative grade point average is 3.60 or higher at degree conferral are graduated “Summa Cum Laude;” those with an average of 3.30 to 3.59, “Magna Cum Laude;” and those with an average of 3.00 to 3.29, “Cum Laude.” The honors designations are noted on both the transcript and the undergraduate diploma.