International Studies (IN)

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IN 101 Introduction to International Studies 3 Credits

Drawing upon the major disciplines within the social sciences, this course provides a multidisciplinary understanding of the forces that shape and affect relationships among human communities. Among the topics considered are: Ethics and human rights, geography and spatial analysis, the role of culture, and the independent and combined effects of politics and economics. In addition, the course introduces students to the methods used to address the questions and problems with which the discipline is concerned.

IN 350 Topics in International Studies 3 Credits

Selected Topics in international studies to be used to cover subjects not included in the regular offerings. The course can be offered and taught by faculty in other disciplines upon prior approval of the History & Political Science Department Chair. The course seeks to enhance an appreciation for the multidisciplinary nature of international studies. 3 lecture hours.

IN 410 Seminar in International Studies 3 Credits

This capstone course is a reading and writing intensive course designed to introduce students to graduate level work in International Studies. Seminar topics will be determined by the instructor. Prerequisite: Senior standing or permission of the instructor.

IN 490 Honors in International Studies 3 Credits

This course is intended for senior students who have demonstrated superior research and writing skills. It requires the commitment of an entire academic year. Topic determined by the student and faculty member. Prerequisite: Senior standing and permission of the instructor.