Academic Standing, Re-Admission, Class Level

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Academic Standing

Academic Standing, as determined by the Registrar's office, is separate from Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) , as determined by the Financial Planning Office.

Good Academic Standing

To maintain good standing, degree-seeking students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA, for the credit range shown in the first column equal to, but not less than that in the second column, based the sum of Norwich attempted credits, PLUS credits accepted in transfer. A student in good standing is allowed to enroll without restriction.

(1) Total of Credits (attempted plus transferred) (2) Minimum Accumulative Grade Point Average Required for Enrollment in Good Standing

Academic Probation

Students who fail to earn the cumulative grade point average required for Good Standing at the end of a semester are enrolled for the following semester on Academic Probation. Being placed on Probation warns students that academic progress is in jeopardy and places restrictions and conditions on their enrollment. The conditions are as follows:

  • Must have a signed contract with the Academic Achievement Center as a condition of enrollment. The student must sign this contract by the end of the add/drop period. Failure to sign this academic probation contract by end of the add/drop period may lead to dismissal.
  • Restricted to 14 credits, plus one ROTC course, per semester.
  • Repeat courses where previous grades of C- or below were earned (when possible)
  • Not participate in extracurricular activities.
  • Hold no rank in the Corps of Cadets and have no additional Corps responsibilities.

A student on Academic Probation is eligible to participate in academic field trips and other appropriate academic activities scheduled as part of course requirements.
Students who fail to adhere to the conditions of enrollment on probation may be Dismissed prior to the conclusion of the semester.

Academic Dismissal

Students who fail to achieve Good Standing will be Dismissed after one semester on Probation unless the student earns a semester GPA of 2.0, or above, while on probation.

Summer school sessions do not count as semesters on Probation. Summer school credits are included in attempted credits. Students who attain Good Standing after being on Probation will restart the procedure above if they return to probationary status.

Students who are Dismissed for an unsatisfactory academic or disciplinary record may apply for readmission after a six-month period of separation has been completed. by submitting a Re-Admission Application to the Registrar accompanied by an Academic Petition for submission to the CASD at least one week before the start of the semester. The readmission decision of the CASD will be based on evidence that the student can academically succeed. Appeals of CASD decisions may be made to the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs (SVPAA) whose decision is final.

Students who have been Dismissed for academic reasons and have returned themselves to Good Standing may, provided there are no financial or disciplinary barriers, return to the University.

Re-Admission (following Academic Dismissal)

Students who have been readmitted after Dismissal for academic deficiency, with the special condition of signing a mentoring contract with the Academic Achievement Center will be dis­missed at the end of that semester, if they do not return to Good Standing; unless they obtain a semester GPA of 2.0 or above. Stu­dents earning a semester GPA of 2.0 or above will remain enrolled with the original conditions in place until they earn Good Standing, as long as they continue to earn semester GPA’s of 2.0 or above, provided they comply with the conditions of their enrollment. Failure to adhere to the mandatory conditions of readmission may result in dismissal from the University prior to the conclusion of the semester.

Re-Admission (following Disciplinary Dismissal)

Students who are seeking re-admission following disciplinary dismissals must make this request to the Senior Vice President for Student Affairs.

Class Year Assignment

Class Year First Semester Credits Second Semester Credits
Freshman0 - 1213 - 26
Sophomore27 - 4142 - 56
Junior57 - 7273 - 88
Senior89 - 103104+

Students will be assigned a class year at the time of their admission or re-admission. Updating of class year will occur as credits are posted. Classification will be based on the above chart. The student who fails, at the beginning of each semester, to have earned the required number of credits to remain with his or her class, but who is eligible to enroll, will be reclassified to the next highest class year which is supported by total credits earned.