Academic Advising

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Each Norwich University student has an academic advisor assigned. The academic advising system of Norwich University views the advisor-advisee association as a partnership. Both members of the “team” have responsibilities that, when properly fulfilled, enhance the student’s opportunity for academic success. For the relationship to be a successful one there must be open and candid communication between the advisor and the advisee. Responsibilities of the advisor include facilitating the student’s academic transition from high school to college; working with the student in formulating a class schedule each semester; reviewing the degree evaluation with the advisee; assisting the advisee with petitions and/or forms; making referrals to the Academic Achievement Center; and advising of career opportunities available to a student in his or her academic major. Advisee responsibilities include working with the advisor on class schedules; informing the advisor of illness or problems that may affect academic performance; responding to advisor messages in a timely fashion; and reviewing the degree evaluation so as to know which courses are required to meet graduation requirements.