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HIĀ 490 Honors in History I 3 Cr.

First semester of a two semester sequence honors thesis project. The first semester is devoted primarily to research. Does not fulfill distribution requirement for major. Prerequisite: permission of the program director and department chair.

Studies in War and Peace

Residential Programs Catalog

The Studies in War and Peace (SWAP) program examines the origins and development of military institutions and the impact of these institutions upon the social order. Intellectually, the program promotes critical analysis of phenomena relating to military and diplomatic affairs.This academic program is equally suitable for civilian students or cadets; providing an interdisciplinary examination of the enduring and close interconnections among military, political, economic, and social institutions. The SWAP program is an extension of the Norwich University tradition of producing educated citizens who are prepared for either military or civilian pursuits, and who are knowledgeable about diplomatic and military affairs.