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EN 227 Survey of American Literature I 3 Cr.

An overview of pre-colonial, colonial, and post-revolutionary writing in its historical and diverse cultural contexts. The course explicitly includes approaches and voices from both dominant and non-dominant perspectives. Selections may include letters, travel narratives, and political documents as well as fiction, poetry, and drama. Provides a foundation for upper-level study in the discipline and is required for English majors. Satisfies General Education or Bachelor of Arts degree requirements in literature and Bachelor of Arts requirement for Intercultural Knowledge & Awareness. 3 lecture hours. Prerequisite: EN 102.


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Charles A. Dana Professor F. Brett Cox; Professors Patricia Ferreira, Daniel Lane,  Kathleen McDonald, Lea Williams (Chair) ; Associate Professors Dalyn Luedtke,  Carl Martin,  Kyle Pivetti, Sean Prentiss, and  Amy Woodbury Tease; Assistant Professor Jeff Casey ; Lecturers Megan Cannella, Kate Donley, and Michan Myer, Anne Summers, and Mayumi Wagstaff-Blaise.

Studies in War and Peace

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International Studies

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