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SO 202 Problems of Modern Society 3 Cr.

This course examines the problems of American social institutions such as the family, the economy, and education, using basic sociological principles and paradigms. The course also covers problems of inequality, deviance, and problems of change and modernization.

Criminal Justice

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...required 1 Preferably SO 201 OR SO 202 ; excludes SO 209 and SO 214 2...

Studies in War and Peace

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...EN 112 , EC 106 , EC 201 , EC 202 , SO 201 , CM 261 . 3 Choose four...

Environmental Science

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...202 Principles of Economics (Micro) 3 PS 202...course from PO or SO; one 100-200...


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...for currently licensed nurses, so they do not...750, Washington, DC 20001, (202)-887-6791. The...

Political Science

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...its expediencies. To do so, the program encourages...c,9 3 PO 202 Introduction to Comparative...

Mathematics Curriculum Overview

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...b,c 3 EC 202 Principles of Economics...300-400 Level 3 SO 214 Racial and...

Architectural Studies (undergraduate)

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...Washington, DC 20036, phone, 202-783-2007. Architectural...Design IV 3 5 SO 2XX Sociology Transfer...