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OL 560 Strategic Organizational Leadership & Developing a Learning Organization 6 Cr.

Students apply principles of Leading Change, Strategic Organizational Behavior and Strategic Leadership to people and organizations to impact performance and ensure future success. This seminar develops an understanding of the implications of strategic alignment and organizational learning to the organization’s success. It differentiates conceptual and theoretical change models to assist students in understanding the best ways to lead change and foster a learning organization while considering individual and group behavior as tied to strategy. The seminar demonstrates how strategic leadership, organizational behavior, and change theories are applied in a collaborative manner and will lead to aligning stakeholder’s interest. Prerequisites: OL530 and OL550 or permission of the program director.

Master of Science in Leadership

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The Norwich University Master of Science in Leadership (MSL) program provides relevant educational experience to graduates who positively impact their organizations and communities as leaders or future leaders. Our vision is to develop graduates capable of addressing organizations’ toughest leadership challenges with character, integrity, and distinction.

Master of Science in Management

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...Business Management (6 credits) GB 560 Strategic Management (6 credits) OL 530 Leading Change in...