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NRĀ 572 ClinicalConceptsADV Pathophys2 1 Cr.

Students examine pathophysiological processes integral to the understanding of human health conditions and disorders of children and adults. Objective and subjective manifestations of common health problems resulting from environmental, genetic, and stress-related maladaptation are assessed and analyzed. Assessment findings, diagnostic testing, and interventions for specific health problems are discussed. Pharmacologic treatments for specific health problems are explored. The etiology, epidemiology, and pathophysiology of disorders are reviewed within the context of age and gender. Principles of pathophysiology are applied to recognize clinical signs and symptoms consistent with human health conditions and disorders during case study presentations and discussions. The impact of health promotion and disease prevention on pathophysiological processes across the lifespan are explored. Note: This course is under development and will be approved by the University Curriculum Committee by Dec. 2018.