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MA 361 Teaching Mathematics at the Secondary Level 3 Cr.

This course addresses methods, resources, and content useful for the teaching of secondary school mathematics. Investigations in this class will address mathematical thinking, communication and representations, in alignment with state and national standards. Course structure involves readings, writings, activities, assessments, and projects. 3 lecture hours. Prerequisites: MA 108 or MA 121 and ED 104, or consent of instructor. (Fall, odd years).

Mathematics Curriculum Overview

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Charles A. Dana Professors Daniel McQuillan and Darlene Olsen; Professors Cathy Frey, Gerard LaVarnway, Robert Poodiack, and Jeffrey Olson (Chair); Associate Professors Sean Kramer, Christine Latulippe, and Jocelyn Latulippe; Assistant Professors Addie Armstrong, Natalie Cartwright, and Jared Holshouser; Lecturers Linn Caroleo, Min Ku and Susan McAuliffe.