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GD 511 The History of Diplomacy in the International System 6 Cr.

This seminar is a comprehensive overview of diplomacy, international relations, and world order in the context of the modern state system, from 1648 to the present. The seminar provides an introduction to the international political environment through studies in foreign policy decision-making. The seminar combines the fields of history and political science by using an analytical framework of historiography and International Relations methodology.

Master of Arts in Diplomacy

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The Master of Arts in Diplomacy degree is designed for government, military, non- governmental, and business professionals who must operate within a challenging international environment. The curriculum offers a unique combination of seminars that provide students with an effective understanding of the international system. This includes a substantial grounding in the theories behind that system, the structural constraints of the system (International Law), and knowledge of the prime motivator to interact within the system (International Economics). The degree then moves into its concentrations. Currently, there are four concentrations within the program; International Conflict Management, International Terrorism, International Commerce, and Cyber-Diplomacy.