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EN 276 Environmental Writing 3 Cr.

Environmental Writing invites students to explore environmental issues such as sustainability, conservation, preservation, and wildlife management through creative writing and persuasive writing. Students will analyze how writers of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction invite their readers to take action. Students may also conduct independent research, which is often immersive or experiential, on an environmental topic towards the composition of their own creative essays, stories, and poems. Prerequisite: EN 102.


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Charles A. Dana Professor F. Brett Cox; Professors Patricia Ferreira, Daniel Lane,  Kathleen McDonald, Lea Williams (Chair) ; Associate Professors Dalyn Luedtke,  Carl Martin,  Kyle Pivetti, Sean Prentiss, and  Amy Woodbury Tease; Assistant Professor Jeff Casey ; Lecturers Megan Cannella, Kate Donley, and Michan Myer, Anne Summers, and Mayumi Wagstaff-Blaise.

Environmental Science

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...1 4 MA 232 Elementary Statistics 3 EN 276 Environmental Writing 3 Social Science 100...