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EN 239 Introduction to Theater 3 Cr.

An introduction to dramatic literature and the theatre as a live art form, including aspects of acting, directing, and theatrical design. Texts will range from classic and contemporary and will reflect the diversity of US and global theatre. Satisfies General Education or Bachelor of Arts degree requirements in literature and Bachelor of Arts requirement for Intercultural Knowledge & Awareness. Prerequisite: EN 102.


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Charles A. Dana Professor F. Brett Cox; Professors Patricia Ferreira, Daniel Lane,  Kathleen McDonald, Lea Williams (Chair) ; Associate Professors Dalyn Luedtke,  Carl Martin,  Kyle Pivetti, Sean Prentiss, and  Amy Woodbury Tease; Assistant Professor Jeff Casey ; Lecturers Megan Cannella, Kate Donley, and Michan Myer, Anne Summers, and Mayumi Wagstaff-Blaise.


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