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EG 203 Materials Science 3 Cr.

An introduction to the science of materials based on the physics and chemistry of their internal structures. The effects of structure on the properties and behavior of metallic, polymeric, ceramic, semiconductor, and composite materials. 3 lecture hours. Prerequisite: CH 103.


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Faculty: Charles A. Dana Professor Michael Puddicombe; Professors Jacques Beneat, Thomas Descoteaux, Stephen Fitzhugh, R. Danner Friend, Ronald Lessard and Edwin Schmeckpeper; Associate Professors David Feinauer, Michael Kelley, Tara Kulkarni, Jack Patterson, Michael Prairie, Adam Sevi, Karen Supan and Moses Tefe; Assistant Professors Nadia Al-Aubaidy, Brian Bradke, Carolina Payares-Asprino and Charles White; Lecturers Michael Cross and Matt Rolland.

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