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BI 420 Diseases of the Nervous System 4 Cr.

An in-depth study of the biological basis of neurological and psychiatric disorders. Topics include developmental disorders, impairments of higher function, and the underlying mechanisms of neurodegenerative disease. Drug development and other therapeutic treatment strategies are discussed. 4 lecture hours. Prereq: BI 370. Offered Spring even years. 202110.

Neuroscience Curriculum Overview

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Dana Professor Karen Hinkle, Professor Lauren Howard; Associate Professors Megan Doczi (Biology Chair & Neuroscience Program Coordinator), Scott Page; Assistant Professors Allison Neal and Simon Pearish; Lecturers David Ebenstein (Lab Coordinator), Mary Beth Klinger-Lawrence and Virginia Kunkel.


Residential Programs Catalog

...attempt of BI 215, BI 216, BI 220...Communities C+* 3 NR 420 Care at End...