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BA 511 Prescriptive Analytics, Non-Relational Database, & Location Based Data 3 Cr.

The use of prescriptive analytics includes multiple techniques and applications that recommend which course of action a decision maker should take within a business environment. The primary goal of prescriptive analytics is to use these techniques in order to determine optimal strategies that can improve the results related to business decisions. In this hands-on course, students will be introduced to concepts related to developing various linear and non-linear models using major software tools that are commonly used by business professionals. From this perspective, students will conduct an analysis of the assignment, transportation, and network models as well as investigate business scenarios that require additional theories such as integer and goal programming. In addition, students will also develop simulation models and utilize decision analysis techniques and strategies in order to explore situations when future events are uncertain. Upon completion of this course, students will gain insight into how various models are constructed, and also gain insight into how prescriptive models can improve business decision making. Pre-req: successful completion of BA 500 and BA 501 COURSE UNDER CONSTRUCTION; AWAITING APPROVAL BY UNIVERSITY CURRICULUM COMMITTEE.