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ACĀ 441 Cost Accounting 3 Cr.

A study of the basic elements of cost accounting concepts and procedures. Emphasis is on how cost data can be used as management tools. Cost behavior and control, cost-volume-profit relationships, job and process costing, activity-based accounting, budgeting and responsibility accounting, flexible budgeting and standards, income effects of alternative costing methods and cost behavior, costs and the decision process, and philosophy and organization of the master budget are analyzed. Prerequisite: AC 206.

Accounting Curriculum Overview

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Charles A. Dana Professor Michael Puddicombe; Professor D. William Jolley; Associate Professors David Blythe (Director), Nasim Hosein, Sethuram Soman and Thomas Yandow; Visiting Associate Professors Andrew Bargerstock and Peter Appleton; Lecturers James Rogler and Kris Rowley; Adjunct Instructors Daniel Alcorn, Joseph Bosley, Duncan Currier, Jon Dellapriscoli, Bruce Faulkner and Renato (Ron) Merolli.

Physical Education Curriculum Overview

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...Comp. Spring Cr. Comp. AC 201 Introduction to...Education c 3 PE 441 Advanced Exercise Physiology...