Health Sciences-Accelerated Master's

Health Sciences Accelerated Master's in Athletic Training Track (B.S.) – Curriculum Map 2020-2021 Catalog

New PlanGrids
Fall Cr. Comp. Spring Cr. Comp.
BI 101 Principles of Biology I 14BI 102 Principles of Biology II 14
EN 101 Composition and Literature I3EN 102 Composition and Literature II3
HE 138 Introduction to Health Professions3General Education Arts & Humanities3 
MA 232 Elementary Statistics3HE 136 Emergency Care of Injury and I3
PY 211 Introduction to Psychology 13PE 163 Scientific Foundations of Health and Wellness3
Fall Semester Total Cr.: 16Spring Semester Total Cr.: 16
Fall Cr. Comp. Spring Cr. Comp.
BI 215 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 1,24BI 216 Human Anatomy & Physiology II 14
CH 103 General Chemistry I 14CH 104 General Chemistry II 14
General Education Literature3 HE 256 Fundamentals of Epidemiology3
HE 139 Health Science Research Methods3HE 214 Clinical Anatomy3
MA 107 Precalculus Mathematics4PH 350 Medical Ethics3
Fall Semester Total Cr.: 18Spring Semester Total Cr.: 17
Fall Cr. Comp. Spring Cr. Comp.
PS 201 General Physics I 14HE 200 Foods and Nutrition4
PE 265 Lifelong Motor Development 13HE 439 Leadership & Management in Healthcare 23
PE 365 Kinesiology 1,24PE 371 Physiology of Exercise 1,24
General Education History3 PS 202 General Physics II4
HE 212 Health Promotion 13General Education Leadership1-3 
Fall Semester Total Cr.: 17Spring Semester Total Cr.: 16-18
Fall Cr. Comp. Spring Cr. Comp.
HE 501 Athletic Training in Healthcare 21HE 450 Evidence - Based Healthcare 23
HE 502 Musculoskeletal Evaluation and Interventions 24HE 507 Care of Orthopedic Injuries II 24
HE 503 Clinical Experience in Athletic Training I 22HE 508 Therapeutic Interventions II 24
HE 504 Advanced Emergency Management 21HE 509 Clinical Experience in Athletic Training II 23
HE 505 Care of Orthopedic Injuries I 24HE 510 Simulation in Athletic Training I 21
HE 506 Therapeutic Interventions I 23   
Fall Semester Total Cr.: 15Spring Semester Total Cr.: 15