Academic Standing, Class Levels, Re-Admission

Academic Standing, as determined by the Registrar's office, is separate from Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), as determined by the Financial Planning Office.

Categories of Students for This Policy:
  1. Undergraduate Residential Program Students On-Campus (referred to as Residential Program)
  2. Graduate Residential Program Students On-Campus  (referred to as Graduate)
  3. CGCS Undergraduate Degree-Completion On-line Students (referred to as Degree-Completion)
  4. CGCS Graduate On-line Students (referred to as Graduate)


Academic Standing is determined by the Registrar at the end of each term after all grades have been entered for the respective that term. 

Good Academic Standing
  1. To be eligible to enroll for classes, without restrictions, a student must be in Good Academic Standing. Students who have been placed on Academic Probation or Academic Suspension are not considered to be in Good Academic Standing.  Suspended students are eligible to enroll for classes only after Readmission has been approved.
    • Summer Programs are an exception to this rule; see the Summer Programs section below.
  2. To maintain Good Standing:

Degree-seeking Residential Program students must maintain the minimum cumulative GPA, shown in the second column below, for the credit range shown in the first column. The first column represents the sum of Norwich attempted credits, PLUS credits accepted in transfer

(1) Total of Credits (attempted plus transferred) (2) Minimum Accumulative Grade Point Average Required for Enrollment in Good Standing
0-17 1.60
18-34 1.80
35+ 2.00
  • Degree-seeking Degree-Completion students must maintain a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA.

Academic Probation
  1. Students are placed on Academic Probation when their cumulative GPA falls below the minimum cumulative GPA required for Good Standing. The registrar’s office sends an email notice (copied to the student’s advisor) to students placed on Academic Probation within two weeks after all grades have been entered for that term. 
  2. Being placed on Probation warns students their academic progress is in jeopardy and places restrictions and conditions on their enrollment. Students placed on Academic Probation are allowed to register for classes for the subsequent term, with the conditions listed below:

    Residential Program students:
  • Must complete an assigned Academic Probation Contract with the Academic Achievement Center (AAC) as a condition of enrollment. The student must sign this contract by the end of the add/drop period. Failure to sign an Academic Probation Contract by the end of the add/drop period may lead to Academic Suspension.
  • Restricted to 14 credits, plus one ROTC course, per semester.
  • Should repeat courses where grades of C-, or below, were previously earned. (when possible)
  • Will not participate in extracurricular activities, such as varsity or club athletics or special interest clubs
  • Will not hold rank in the Corps of Cadets or hold additional Corps responsibilities

Degree-Completion students:

  • Restricted to 12 credits per trimester.
  • May repeat courses in which grades of C- or below were previously earned.

3.  Students on Academic Probation are eligible to participate in limited Civic Engagement activities as approved by the AAC counselor and academic field trips and other appropriate academic activities scheduled as part of course requirements, including limited Civic Engagement activities, as approved by the AAC counselor.

4.  Students who fail to adhere to the conditions of their enrollment while on Probation may be administratively Suspended prior to the conclusion of the semester.  This means the students will be withdrawn from all classes.

Academic Suspension
  • Residential Program students are placed on Academic Suspension after one semester on Probation, unless they either achieve Good Standing or earn a semester GPA of 2.0 or higher, while on Probation
  • Degree-Completion students must raise their cumulative GPA to the minimum required within 12 additional credits, from the part-of-term or session in which they were placed on Probation, or they will be Suspended from their program. 

When a student is Academically Suspended, the registrar will dis-enroll the student from any pending courses.

Residential Program students who have been Academically Suspended and have returned themselves to Good Standing by completing Summer classes at Norwich University may, provided there are no financial or disciplinary barriers, return to the University.  These students are not required to submit a Readmission Application unless there has been a lapse in enrollment.

Residential Program students who are Academically Suspended, and who did not achieve Good Standing during a Summer Session, or whose enrollment has lapsed, may apply for Readmission after one full semester (summer is not considered a full semester for Residential Program students) of separation.  Suspended students who wish to be readmitted must

  1. Submit an Academic Suspension Readmission Application to the Registrar.  The application should present information supporting the premise the student will be successful if readmitted.  The re-admission decision of the CASD is based on evidence the student can academically succeed.
  2. If a student's Academic Suspension Readmission Application is denied, the student may request an appeal following the standard appeal procedures.  The application (and accompanying documents) must be submitted before 1630 ten working days before the first day of the semester in which the student wishes to be readmitted.

Degree-completion students who are Academically Suspended, may apply for readmission after one full trimester by submitting a letter to their Program Manager.

Summer Programs for Residential Program Students Only
  • Summer Programs sessions do not count as semesters on Probation. This means:
    • Students are not Academically Suspended following Summer, regardless of grades earned
    • Students who move from Good Standing to Probation following Summer classes are on Probation for the coming Fall Semester
    • Students who entered Summer School on Academic Probation, but did not earn the minimum cumulative GPA listed above, will remain on Probation for the coming Fall Semester
    • Students who entered Summer School on Academic Probation and earned the minimum cumulative GPA for Good Standing are in Good Standing for the coming Fall Semester


To be eligible to enroll for classes, without restrictions, a Graduate student must be in Good Academic Standing. Graduate Students who have been placed on Academic Probation or Academic Suspension are not considered to be in Good Academic Standing.  Graduate Students placed on Academic Warning have no restrictions.  Suspended students are eligible to enroll for classes only after approved readmission.

To maintain Good Standing, degree-seeking Graduate students must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 and may not earn more than six (6) credits of C/C+ grades.

Students in Good Standing are allowed to register without restriction.

Academic Warning

Graduate students earning a grade of C or C+ in any course/seminar, regardless of the credit value of that seminar/course, and whose overall GPA is 3.0, or higher, will be placed on Academic Warning as notice that an additional grade of C or C+ will necessitate Academic Suspension. Once placed on Academic Warning, students will maintain this status, if no other C or C+ grades are earned, until graduation, and will receive an Academic Warning letter at the end of each grading period.

Academic Probation

Graduate Students who fail to earn the cumulative grade point average for Good Standing at the end of a semester are enrolled for the following semester on Academic Probation. Students have one full semester to improve his or her cumulative GPA to a 3.0.  If the cumulative GPA falls below 3.0 in the final semester, additional courses/seminars, or repeat courses/seminars will be required for graduation.

Academic Suspension
  1. Graduate Students who fail to achieve the cumulative grade point average for Good Standing within one full semester of being placed on probation, or who have accumulated more than six credits worth of C/C+ grades, shall be Academically Suspended from the University.
  2. Graduate students placed on Academic Suspension and enrolled in future classes will be dropped from these classes by the Registrar’s Office.
  3. Graduate Students who are Academically Suspended may apply for Readmission after one full semester of separation has been completed.


Grade changes entered for courses in the previous term affect Academic Standing for the previous term; but, no student will be Academically Suspended at mid-semester due to a grade change.


All students are assigned a class year level when admitted, or readmitted. Updating of the class year will occur as Norwich credits are earned and transfer credits posted. Classification is based on the chart below.

Class Year First Semester Earned Credits Second Semester Earned Credits
Freshman 0 - 12: F1 13 - 26: F2
Sophomore 27 - 41: S1 42 - 56: S2
Junior 57 - 72: J1 73 - 88: J2
Senior 89 - 103: R1 104+: R2
Graduate Class Levels
0 - 11 earned credits: G1
12 - 23 earned credits: G2
24 - 25 earned credits: G3
36+ earned credits: G4

Readmission for Residential Program Students

Whenever possible, Readmission Applications should be processed by the Registrar’s Office within two weeks. If there is a hold on the application from the Bursar’s Office, the Registrar’s Office will notify the student of that hold and allow a two-week extension for resolution. If at the end of the two week period the Bursar’s hold is not resolved further processing of the Readmission Application will cease;  the student will need to submit a new Readmission Application if the hold is not cleared.

Readmission Process

Readmission Applications are accepted up to 4:30 p.m. ten working days prior to the first day of classes.  Readmission Applications are routed to several offices for review.  If the students has not received a notice prior the last day to register for classes, the student cannot enroll in classes without successfully petitioning the Committee on Academic Standards & Degrees (CASD) requesting to enroll late for the respective semester.

A Readmission Application is required for any student who meets one of the identified criteria and are subject to approval or denial.

  1. A student who stopped attending Norwich University for at least one semester
  2. A student who has been Academically Suspended
  3. A student who has been Suspended for discipline

A Readmission Application for a student in Good Standing is reviewed by the Bursar’s Office, Financial Aid, either the Commandant for Corps students or the Dean of Students for civilian students.  A Readmission from Academic Suspension Application will additionally be reviewed by the advisor, major department chair, the major department dean, the Academic Achievement Center with a final decision by CASD.

Readmission after non-attendance for Summer Session:
For a student who wishes to take summer courses, not as a degree seeking readmitted student, will contact the director for the Summer@Norwich. Granted permission to enroll is only good for the summer session requested.

Readmission after Academic Suspension:
Students who are Academically Suspended at the close of a Spring or Fall semester may either:

  • Petition for Readmission while Academically Suspended either immediately in the subsequent Spring or Fall term, or after the required one-semester period of separation
  • Encouraged to attend Summer@Norwich to attempt to improve their cumulative GPA to Good Standing

Readmission Following Disciplinary Suspension Corps Students:
Corps of Cadet students suspended for disciplinary reasons must:

  • The Commandant’s Office reviews the student’s application, supporting documentation and the disciplinary record and makes a determination on Readmission to the Corps.
  • If Readmission to the Corps is approved, the Readmission Application will move forward for processing.
  • If Readmission to the Corps is denied, the Registrar’s Office will forward the application to the Dean of Students for Readmission as a civilian student and if the Dean of Students approves Readmission as a civilian student, the student will need to accept this condition for the Readmission Application to be processed

Readmission Following Disciplinary Suspension Civilian Students:
Civilian students suspended or dismissed for disciplinary reasons must:

  • The Dean of Students will review the Readmission Application and any supporting documents, as well as the student’s disciplinary record, and make a recommendation to move the Readmission Application forward for processing.

Readmission Following Disciplinary Dismissal:
If a student is Disciplinary Dismissed and barred from Readmission, any Readmission Applications will be denied without further review.

Readmission Processing:
The readmission applicant must indicate, on the Readmission Application, what catalog year they wish to return under.  The catalog year must be within ten years of the student's expected graduation date and is subject to approval by the School Director/Department Chair of the student’s major.  If the student does not indicate a catalog year, the catalog year they were previously enrolled in will be used so long as it is within ten years from the student’s expected graduation date.  If the student’s previous catalog year is not within ten years of the student’s expected graduation date, the catalog year during which the student is readmitted is used.

  • For majors where admission to the program is required the School Director/Department Chair will review the readmission request.
  • An approved readmitted student will enter to the same class level as they left unless additional credits are transferred to Norwich University.
  • Upon determination on the Readmission Application, the Registrar’s Office will email notification to the student.

Student Actions upon Readmission Approval:
A readmitted student must follow all instructions in the Readmission Approval notice which include:

  • Contact an academic advisor to discuss registration
  • Register before the end of the add/drop period
  • When applicable, contact housing to secure housing: Civilian Housing Contact: Sean O'Reilly,; Corps Maj. Michael Davis,
  • If the student cannot access Banner Web, or Norwich email account, contact the help desk at
  • A student Readmitted after Academic Suspension, and is not in Good Standing will be enrolled under Academic Probation
  • A signed Academic Contract Such with the Academic Achievement Center must be signed by end of the add/drop period.