Justice Administration Courses (GJ) - Online Graduate

GJ 522 Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice: Ethical Leadership and Technology 6 Cr.

TThis course focuses on the nexus and relationships among leadership, ethics, and emerging technology for criminal justice practitioners, managers and administrators. The multifaceted responsibilities of criminal justice professionals require basic knowledge of these focused competency based areas as well as of the symbiotic relationships which lead to successful policies, procedures, and practices in contemporary criminal justice organizations. Emerging technologies such as drone usage, body cameras and enhanced listening devices are explored in the context of ethical use in police interdiction and intervention.

GJ 551 Law Enforcement Administration 6 Cr.

This course examines law enforcement best practices, police leadership, workforce development, accountability, internal affairs, productivity, and managing special units. Students will also study the role of community policy, community policing, restorative justice programs, crime prevention, and the role of technology, integrated justice systems, and information system security.

GJ 552 Corrections Administration 6 Cr.

This course examines administration in the corrections environment. Topics include personnel management, budgeting and public finance, workforce development, staffing, special units, correctional policy development and planning, The role of technology and integrated justice systems are examined, as well as information system security.

GJ 556 Critical Incident Management for Public Safety 6 Cr.

This course explores public administration within the scope of critical incidents and crisis management. Among the topics to be studied are domestic terrorism and counterterrorism, the roles of the National Incident Management System and the National Response Framework, best practices for first responders, and constitutional issues related to the execution of first responder duties. Students will also study the use of specially trained and equipped units such as SWAT teams, and the role of community policing and community partnerships in responding to crises, whether manmade or natural. Prerequisites: Completion of all prior core courses in seminars one, two and three or permission of the program director.

GJ 588 No Norwich Equivalent 6 Cr.

GJ 595 Residency 0 Cr.