Minimum Grade Standards

Minimum grade standards are established for various curricula requirements. Refer to the major section of the catalog.

  Attempted Credits

For any course that is registered beyond the last day to drop a course without a record, all credits are considered attempted regardless of the final grade assignment (see also Quality Points and Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid).

Masters Degree and Graduate Certificate Grades and Grade Points

Official grade reports are issued by the university registrar within 15 days of the end of each term. Students may also retrieve unofficial electronic copies of final term grades through the University’s Self-Service web pages. Grades of F are failing, and will prompt a student’s immediate academic dismissal from the university. Students do not earn credit for these grades; they are required to petition for re-enrollment to repeat any course in which a failing grade is received. Students enrolled in fundamental courses as a prerequisite to admission to a master's degree program are required to earn a B or better in each fundamental course in order to be admitted to the master's program. The graduate programs do not award  the B-, C-, or D+/- grades. Grades and grade points shall be awarded as follows:

Grade Grade Points
A (93-100%) 4.0
A- (90-92.9%) 3.7
B+ (87-89.9%) 3.3
B (80-86.9%) 3.0
C+ (77-79.9%) 2.3
C (70-76.9%) 2.0
F (0-69.9%) 0.0
FN 0.0
WF 0.0
I (Incomplete)
W (Withdrawal)
S/U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory)
SP (Satisfactory Progress)
P/F (Pass/Fail on nongraded component)
AU (Audit)

Grades of AU, I, P, NG, U, S and W do not calculate into the grade point average. 

Undergraduate Grades and Grade Points 

Grade Grade Points
A (93-100%) 4.0
A- (90-92.9%) 3.7
B+ (87-89.9%) 3.3
B (83-86.9%) 3.0
B- (80-82.9%) 2.7
C+ (77-79.9%) 2.3
C (75-76.9%) 2.0
C- (73-74.9%) 1.7
D+ (70-72.9%) 1.3
D (67-69.9%) 1.0
D- (63-66.9%) 0.7
F (below 63%) 0
WF 0.0

Grades of AU, I, P, NG, U, S and W do not calculate into the grade point average.

  Point Average

The cumulative grade point average is derived by dividing the total number of graded hours for which a student has officially registered into the total number of quality points earned. The average is never rounded although truncated to the tenths or hundredths. The semester grade point average is calculated in the same way. A course taken after the student record is marked as graduated will not calculate into the point average. The course(s) grade points will be calculated separately.

  Repeat Course Grade

A student is permitted to repeat a course before graduation; the cumulative point average will reflect only the highest course grade (marked as “I” Include on the transcript), although all grades will remain on the transcript (marked as “E” Exclude on the transcript). The course must be repeated for the same number of credit hours at Norwich University. A course repeated more than once will be treated as a separate course with no replacement of a previous grade. Repeated courses where credit was earned will not accumulate additional hours towards graduation unless the course is designed to be a repeatable course. A student who gains permission to repeat a course as a transient (non-Norwich course) student must meet the transfer course policy. The transfer grade will not be calculated into the student’s grade point average (indicated with an A Include in GPA but exclude credit hours on the transcript).

  Pass/Fail Option (P/F)

A student may choose one course per semester in the sophomore, junior, and senior years in which to exercise a Pass/Fail option. Courses chosen under this option must be free electives. Courses that satisfy University requirements, or are specifically listed courses in the student’s major, or require a minimum grade of C, or are restricted electives, other than free electives, may not be taken as Pass/Fail. To receive a P grade, the student’s work in the designated course must be of at least D- quality. A failing grade of F will be entered on the student’s academic record and will be included in all grade point computations, if the student's work was below D- quality. P grades earn credit, but are not be included in grade point computations. A student requesting the Pass/Fail option shall complete and submit a Pass/Fail Grading Request form to the Registrar’s Office prior to the course Add/Drop deadline.

  Incomplete Grades (I)

A student may request an Incomplete grade when extenuating circumstances interferes with completing the course at the end of the semester or term. An Incomplete grade may not be assigned for simple failure to submit required work or not attending class, regular leave, or detached service. Extenuating circumstances should be recognized when due to University-authorized absence caused by illness, emergency or deployment. Such a student must have completed at least 60% of the course content at the level that demonstrates student’s ability to complete the outstanding work at a satisfactory level. An Incomplete grade is only assigned at the end of the semester. The I-Grade is assigned by the Registrar office upon the receipt of the approved Incomplete Grade Form/Contract.

The deadline for completing the work shall be no later than:

For residential programs:

  • Monday of the eighth week of Spring semester for Fall Incomplete grades
  • Monday of the eighth week of Fall semester for Spring and Summer Incomplete grades 

For online programs:

  • up to but not exceeding, 90 days from the end of the course.

An exception to the dates listed above is given to the students who are deployed. See the Military Accommodation Policy for deployment-related circumstances.

Once the student has submitted the outstanding work, the faculty must request the change of the grade. If faculty do not request the change of the grade prior to the deadlines listed above, the Registrar’s Office will record the final grade provided by the instructor on the Incomplete Grade Form/Contract.

An Incomplete grade is not considered to be satisfactory for the purposes of fulfilling the pre-requisite for the subsequent course. The grade of I is excluded from the computation of total credits and grade point averages (See also President’s and Dean’s List and/or academic achievement policies).

Grading Practices Notification for Students

Course syllabi must designate the method of grading in the course and of the weight that is attached to all course requirements.

 Grade Reporting By the Faculty

Faculty enter grades for all campus-based courses twice during the semester. In addition, mid-semester grades are entered on, or before, Monday of the eighth week of Fall and Spring semesters, in accordance with the Academic Calendar. In the rare case where sufficient course evaluation is not available for the reporting of a grade at mid-semester, the grade of “NG” (no grade) is entered. Mid-semester grades are not entered on the permanent record, and are reported for the sole purpose of assisting students in assessing their academic status at mid-semester.

Final grades are entered at the conclusion of the semester. These grades are posted on the permanent academic record. Final grades must be entered within seventy-two hours after the last day of final examinations. Spring Semester grades for graduating Seniors must be entered in less than seventy-two hours. The time for submittal of these grades will be as directed by the Registrar’s Office. Faculty will maintain course grade records for a minimum of one year. Faculty leaving the employment of the University will submit these grade records to their respective department chair or school director.

 Grade Notification

After grades have been entered, students may view their grades in Banner Web. After a period of about one week the students will be able to review their grades and current GPA on their Academic Transcript. The University does not mail grades or provide grades over the phone in compliance with Data Privacy (FERPA) policy.

 Academic Warning at Mid-Semester

A student who is failing two or more courses at mid-semester will be issued an academic warning notice. Freshmen, who receive this notice must report to the Academic Achievement Center.

 Grade Change/Appeal

Course grades are calculated and assigned by the instructor who teaches the course according to the grading criteria in the course syllabus. Once a student’s final course grade has been officially recorded by the Registrar, the grade may be changed if, and only if, (1) a new grade has been determined under the Norwich University Student Grade Appeal Policy, or (2) a grade of Incomplete is replaced with a letter grade as specified in the current Norwich University catalog, or (3) an error in computing or in recording the grade has been identified by the instructor and has been verified by the instructor and the Department Chair.

 Grade Appeals

Grade appeals are reserved for final course grades only and not for individual assignment grades within a course. Requests for change of final grade must be made within 120 days after the final grade was awarded.

  1. All final-grade appeals must begin with a written request from the student to the instructor.
  2. If resolution is not achieved with the instructor, the written grade appeal may be filed with the department chair, school director or program manager or program director.
  3. Failing resolution at the respective chair/program manager/director level, the student may appeal in writing to the Dean of the College in which the course resides.
  4. The appeal of Dean’s decision can be made to CASD in a form of Academic Petition accompanied by all supporting documents

 Course Audit

A student wanting to attend a class but not wishing to receive a grade of credit for the course may register as an auditor. A student must declare the auditor status in a course by the “Last Day to Add Classes.” This date is announced in the Academic Calendar. The degree of class participation acceptable or required shall be determined between the student and instructor and listed on the audit form, available on the SharePoint Registrar website. The completed audit form will remain on file in the Office of the Registrar. The class audited shall be noted on the transcript, and the instructor will award the grade of “AU” when the performance requirements outlined on the audit form are fulfilled, and the grade of “U” when the student fails to meet the requirements. A “Credit by Challenge Examination” is not permitted after taking a class for audit credit. An audited course carries no attempted hours and may not be used toward degree requirements (see also Tuition and Fees).