Academic Forgiveness

This academic policy applies to bachelor's degree-completion students enrolled in an online program through the College of Graduate and Continuing Studies.

Students returning to the university whose academic record is below Good Standing at Norwich may submit an academic petition requesting Academic Forgiveness for up to two trimesters (Fall, Spring, or Summer) if the following requirements are met:

  • Have not yet earned a previous baccalaureate degree.
  • Academic Forgiveness is requested in the term readmitted.
  • A minimum of three years have lapsed between when the time the student attended Norwich and the date of the submitted petition. 

Students must submit an academic petition form and a signed, written letter explaining why Academic Forgiveness should be awarded; the letter must identify the courses, within two previous terms, to be forgiven.  

All Forgiven courses, within the two terms, regardless of grade earned, will no longer count toward fulfilling major/minor/graduation requirements.

When Academic Forgiveness has been granted, the student’s transcript will be annotated to indicate the courses forgiven. The previous earned grades and credits will still show on the transcript to reflect the true academic history of the student; however, grade points will be removed so that prior grades are excluded from the computation of the student’s official cumulative GPA. 

Academic Forgiveness may have impact on financial aid; students should contact the Student Financial Planning office to understand their specific situation. 

Students can request Academic Forgiveness only one time in their undergraduate academic career at Norwich.