Mechanical Engineering Major

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B.S. in Mechanical Engineering - Curriculum Map 2017-2018 Catalog

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CH 103 General Chemistry I (General Education Lab Science)4CH 104 General Chemistry II (General Education Lab Science)4
EG 109 Introduction to Engineering I3EN 102 Composition and Literature II3
EN 101 Composition and Literature I3EG 110 Introduction to Engineering II3
MA 121 Calculus I4General Education History/Literature/Arts & Humanities/Social Science3
 MA 122 Calculus II (General Education Math)4
Semester Total Credits14Semester Total Credits17
EE 204 Electrical Circuits I3EE 240 Electrical Concepts and Applications3
EG 201 Engineering Mechanics (Statics, Dynamics)3EG 202 Engineering Mechanics (Statics,Dynamics)3
MA 223 Calculus III (General Education Math)4EG 206 Thermodynamics I3
ME 211 Mechanical Engineering Tools I2MA 224 Differential Equations4
PS 211 University Physics I4PS 212 University Physics II4
Semester Total Credits16Semester Total Credits17
EG 203 Materials Science3EG 303 Fluid Mechanics3
EG 301 Mechanics of Materials3ME 356 Manufacturing Processes4
ME 307 Thermodynamics II3ME 368 Design of Machine Elements3
ME 311 Mechanical Engineering Tools II2ME 370 Mechanical Systems Design3
ME 363 Kinematic and Kinetic Sythesis3ME 382 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory II1
ME 381 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory I2General Education History/Literature/Arts & Humanities/Social Science3
Semester Total Credits16Semester Total Credits17
EE 321 Embedded Systems4ME 468 Mechanical Engineering Design II (Capstone)3
EG 044 Conference0EG 043 Conference (General Education Ethics)0
ME 435 Mechanical Control Systems3General Education History/Literature/Arts & Humanities/Social Science3
ME 465 Heat Transfer3Mechanical Engineering (ME) Elective33
ME 467 Mechanical Engineering Design I (Capstone)3General Education Elective23
ME 487 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory III2Math or Science or Engineering Elective13
General Education History/Literature/Arts & Humanities/Social Science3 
Semester Total Credits18Semester Total Credits15
Total Credits For This Major: 130

An undergraduate student, who has completed all degree requirements except for attaining a 2.00 average, must take at least 50 percent of all subsequent course work in technical material (subject to approval by the Director of the David Crawford School of Engineering).


Courses approved for Math/Science/Engineering Electives: CE 348, CH 205, CH 225, CH 327, EE 303, EE 325, EE 357, MA 241, MA 306,MA 309 MA 310, MA 370 MA 407, PS 334, PS 341, PS 426, PS 428, and any ME 400 level course not specifically listed as a degree requirement.
Two different ME 490 courses covering different topics can be used to satisfy the ME elective and the Math/Science/Engineering elective. 
Other 200 level (or higher) 3+ credit courses offered by College of Science and Mathematics or the David Crawford School of Engineering may be approved subject to completion of the course prerequisites and a positive recommendation from the student’s academic advisor and the Mechanical Engineering department chair.


A fifth General Education Elective is required, choose from History, Literature, Arts & Humanities or Social Science General Education courses. 


Two different ME 490 courses covering different topics can be used to satisfy the ME elective and the Math/Science/Engineering elective.