English Major

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B.A. in English - Required Courses

All courses must be completed with a C or better
Minimum of fifteen EN courses above 202
Required courses above EN 202:
Survey of British Literature I3
Survey of British Literature II3
Survey of American Literature I3
Survey of American Literature II3
Advanced Composition3
Professional and Technical Writing
Introduction to Creative Writing
EN 282Literary Methods3
EN 350History of the English Language3
EN 373Major Author3
EN 370 Topics in British Literature
EN 390 Topics in American Literature
Senior Seminar3
Four additional English courses numbered above EN 202, three of which must be above 299.

EN 101 and EN 102 are prerequisites for all English courses numbered above EN 200.  

  • EN 450 is usually taught only in the fall semester.
  • Must either pass or receive department authorized waiver for both EN 101 and EN 102 before registering for any English class above EN 112

B.A. in English - Curriculum Map 2017-2018 Catalog

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EN 101 Composition and Literature I3EN 102 Composition and Literature II3
General Education History3General Education Social Science3
Modern Language6Modern Language6
General Education Math3Free Elective3
Semester Total Credits15Semester Total Credits15
EN 201 World Literature I3EN 202 World Literature II3
EN 225 Survey of British Literature I (General Education Literature)c3EN 226 Survey of British Literature II (General Education Arts & Humanities)c3
EN 282 Literary Methodsc3General Education Math3
PH or SA or Modern Language Elective3BA Intercultural Elective3
BA Intercultural Elective3Free Elective3
Semester Total Credits15Semester Total Credits15
EN 227 Survey of American Literature Ic3EN 228 Survey of American Literature IIc3
EN 373 Major Authorc3EN 350 History of the English Languagec3
EN 390 Topics in American Literaturec3EN 370 Topics in British Literaturec3
General Education Lab Science4General Education Lab Science4
Free Elective3Free Elective3
Semester Total Credits16Semester Total Credits16
EN 203 Advanced Composition or 204 (OR)c3EN Elective (above 299)c3
EN 274 Introduction to Creative Writingc
EN Elective (above 299)3
EN 450 Senior Seminar (General Education Capstone & General Education Ethics)c3Free Elective3
EN Elective (above 202)c3Free Elective3
EN Elective (above 299)c3Free Elective3
Free Elective3 
Semester Total Credits15Semester Total Credits15
Total Credits For This Major: 122

 Grade of C or higher required