Communications Major with Digitial Media Concentration

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B.S. in Communications - Digital Media Concentration Curriculum Map 2017-2018 Catalog

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CM 109 Introduction to Mass Mediac3CM 261 Interpersonal Communications or EN 112c3
EN 101 Composition and Literature Ic3CM 271 Television Productionc4
EN 112 Public Speaking or CM 261c3EN 102 Composition and Literature IIc3
General Education Math3General Education Math3
 Psychology (PY) Elective3
Semester Total Credits12Semester Total Credits16
CM 207 Journalism I: News Gatheringc3AC 205 Principles of Accounting-Financial or MG 101 (OR)4-3
CM 211 Broadcasting Techniquesc3
EC 201 Principles of Economics (Macro)
EN 201 World Literature I3CM 208 Journalism II: Advanced News Gathering and Designc3
CS Elective (excluding CS 120)3CM 351 Radio Production or 391c3
General Education History3EN 202 World Literature II3
 General Education Social Science3
Semester Total Credits15Semester Total Credits16-15
CM 209 Broadcast Writingc3CM 303 Advertisingc3
CM 392 Documentary Television Productionc3EN 240 Technical Aspects of Theatrical Design or 241 (OR)3
CM 393 Non-linear Digital Television3CM 491 Media Composer Techniques3
General Education Arts & Humanities3
EN 310 The Art of the Motion Picture or 253 (OR)
General Education Lab Science4
EN 307 The History of the Motion Picture or 308 (OR)
CM 335 Television Criticism or EN 239 (OR)c
 Psychology (PY) Elective3
 General Education Lab Science4
Semester Total Credits16Semester Total Credits16
CM 391 Advanced Television Production3CM 407 Senior Communications Seminar (Capstone)c3
CM 436 Communications Law and Ethics (General Education Ethics)c3CM 408 Communications Internshipc3
CM 492 Advanced Media Composer Techniques3General Education Literature3
CM 493 Media Composer Graphics and Effects3Free Elective3
General Education Literature3Free Elective3
Semester Total Credits15Semester Total Credits15
Total Credits For This Major: 121-120

 Grade of C or higher required