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Norwich University awards the following degrees: Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Science; Master of Arts, Master in Science, Master of Architecture; Master of Business Administration; Master of Civil Engineering.

Degree candidates are subject to the degree/Major requirements of the class year to which they are assigned at the time of their admission, or readmission, to the degree program.

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts degree is awarded with Majors in Chinese, Criminal Justice, Chinese, English, History, International Studies, Political Science, Psychol­ogy, Spanish, and Studies in War and Peace.

BA Requirements:

  • 108 credits.
  • A minimum of 24 credits in the major completed with a grade of C or higher (The number of credits will vary per major and may be up to 30).
  • World Literature I EN 201 and World Literature II EN 202
  • Knowledge of a modern language as indicated by passing an achievement test administered by the Department of Modern Languages; or by
    • passing a 6 credit Modern Language course taught in the target language at the 112 level; or by passing a 3 credit Modern Language course taught in the target language at the 206 level or higher.  Modern Language Topics courses taught in English do not satisfy this requirement. Students may not obtain credit for courses taken at a level lower than that for which they have already demonstrated proficiency. 
    • The Foreign Language Placement Test is used for placement in Norwich language courses only. No credits toward graduation are awarded based on the student’s score on the test.
    • 12 credits are allocated in each BA program for the fulfillment of the foreign language requirement. Students who satisfy the BA language requirement with less than 12 credits will have a corresponding number of additional free electives to complete in order to earn the BA degree.
    • Students may choose to audit a lower-level course but may not receive credit for it.  |
    • Normally this requirement is completed prior to the start of the Junior year.
  • Six credits in two of the following areas (students must complete an additional course to meet the Arts and Humanities General Education requirement):
  •  Nine credits in two of the following areas (students must complete an additional course to meet Social Science General Education requirement):
    •  Criminal Justice: All CJ courses EXCEPT CJ 102 and CJ 301
    • Economics: All EC courses
    • History: All HI courses
    • Psychology: All PY courses
    • Political Science: All PO courses
    • Sociology: All SO courses
Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science degree is awarded in Accounting, Architectural Studies, Athletic Training, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Communications, Computer Security and Information Assurance, Computer Science, Construction Management, Education, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Environmental Science, Geology, Health Science, Management, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Nursing, Physical Education, Physics.

BS Requirements:
For BS requirements, refer to the specific major section of this catalog.  

Two Degree Programs

Well-qualified students may elect to fulfill the requirements of the Bachelor of Arts and Bach­elor of Science, or two Bachelor of Science degrees, in a program directed toward two degrees; subject to the approval of the departments or schools concerned. Two degrees may take more than four years to complete.

Two Majors

A student may elect to earn two majors. Such action requires the approval of both departments.