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Graduation Requirements for all Baccalaureate Degrees

The B.A. requirements are embedded within the B.A. degree programs and are the responsibility of the College of Liberal Arts to verify for degree completion. For new first time students, the catalog requirements are determined by the year they enter Norwich. For transfer students, re-admitted students, and students who change majors, the determination of catalog year is made by the student’s adviser at the time of transfer, re-admission, or change of major.

  • A cumulative grade-point average of 2.00.
  • A minimum of 120 semester credits.
  • Meet the residence requirement .
  • Satisfy the catalog degree requirements of a catalog year that is within ten years of the graduation year.
  • Satisfy the General Education requirements .

Conferring of Degrees

  • The faculty, through the Committee on Academic Standings and Degrees (CASD), shall recommend to the President students who have completed degree requirements.
  • No degree shall be conferred, or diploma awarded, until the Registrar’s Office determines that all degree requirements are met.
  • No degree shall be conferred, or diploma awarded, until the recipient has paid all University bills or arranged for payment to the satisfaction of the Chief Financial Officer.
  • No undergraduate degree shall be conferred, or diploma awarded, until the SVPAA and Commandant has cleared the student’s record.
  • Only those undergraduate students who have met graduation requirements, or are in good standing, and enrolled in courses, after the Withdrawal date in the Spring semester, that could complete graduation requirements; will be allowed to participate in May Commencement Exercises. Enrollment in summer courses does not satisfy this requirement.

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