Dual Degrees and Concentrations

This is an archived copy of the 2014-15 Catalog. To access the most recent version of the catalog, please visit http://catalog.norwich.edu/.

Well-qualified students may earn more than one master’s degree or program concentration through the College of Graduate and Continuing Studies. Up to twelve (12) credit hours earned for a first master’s degree may be applied toward a second master’s degree in cases where those seminars will meet requirements of the second degree. Students seeking a dual degree must complete the first degree before pursuing the second degree. Enrollment beyond three semesters will be required for students seeking a dual degree.

The College of Graduate and Continuing Studies shall maintain and publish a list of seminars approved for credit in programs other than the one in which they were originally earned. The catalog should be consulted for the specific requirements and concentrations offered in each masters’ degree program.

Some master’s degree programs include multiple concentrations or specializations that are recognized as such on the student’s transcript. In most cases a student will elect a single concentration as part of the degree program. However, a student may elect to obtain additional concentrations if the student is in good academic standing and obtains the permission of the program director.

Successful completion of additional coursework leading to a concentration beyond the initial concentration will be noted on the student’s academic record and calculated in the grade point average if completed prior to conferral of the degree. Seminars that comprise a concentration may be taken after conferral of a master’s degree and will be noted as a certificate in the concentration area on the student’s academic record and are not included in the grade point average associated with the earned degree.

Two-degree Programs

Well-qualified graduate students may elect to fulfill the requirements of two master’s degrees simultaneously subject to the approval of the program director(s) concerned.